Fallout of Serbia Bombing ‘Continues to Kill’

BELGRADE – Ten years after the NATO bombing of Serbia, concern is rising over a rise in the number of reported cases of cancer. Some 15 tons of ammunition fortified with depleted uranium was dropped by way of more than 50,000 bombs and missiles in the 11 weeks of bombing of Serbia in 1999. The … Continue reading “Fallout of Serbia Bombing ‘Continues to Kill’”

Bosnia Linking Arms With Iraq

BELGRADE – Weapons from the Balkans wars of the 1990s are beginning to arm conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, well-placed officials have revealed. A vital element of the Dayton Peace Agreements that ended the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995 was the destruction of huge caches of heavy weapons, artillery, small arms, and ammunition. The 39,000-strong … Continue reading “Bosnia Linking Arms With Iraq”

Disputes Grow Around Kosovar Prime Minister

BELGRADE – How did Slobodan Radosevic die after being abducted from his home five years ago? For the Radosevic family this is a question about closure of grief. For Serbian prosecutors it is one of 108 charges against now Kosovan Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. For all of Serbia and Kosovo, it could be a matter … Continue reading “Disputes Grow Around Kosovar Prime Minister”