America’s Myth of a Peaceful Nation

"We are a peaceful nation," claimed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson in an interview with Katie Couric late last year. Carson voiced a view that is held by many in our society. Like most people around the world, we naturally like to think of ourselves as a peace loving country. Unfortunately, the record does not … Continue reading “America’s Myth of a Peaceful Nation”

Militant Christians Cannot Be True Disciples of the Prince of Peace

In an earlier piece I briefly sketched the history of evangelical militarism in America. In this article I’d like to touch on one obvious fact that so many of my evangelical brethren seem to overlook: Those who persistently agitate and call for war cannot be true followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus is called the Prince … Continue reading “Militant Christians Cannot Be True Disciples of the Prince of Peace”

Making a Mess of Things

Ever since Turkey’s downing of a Russian military plane in November, a number of Republican presidential hopefuls have been trying to outdo each other with who would shoot down more of Putin’s jets if elected president. The latest GOP debate is a case in point. When asked whether he would target a Russian plane if … Continue reading “Making a Mess of Things”

A Christmas Challenge to Fellow Evangelical Christians

In a short time the world will once again celebrate Christmas. We evangelicals are traditionally excited about this season, since it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, the man whose teaching and example we profess to honor and love. But our testimony rests on an inherent contradiction. Even though we claim … Continue reading “A Christmas Challenge to Fellow Evangelical Christians”