Answering the ‘Wolfowitz (Bush) Doctrine’ on American Empire

As Washington and China face military confrontation, an Australian has warned Americans about how the British Empire lasted so long. "England," observes Editor Owen Harries in the Spring 2001 National Interest ("Anglosphere Illusion"), "was the only hegemon that did not attract a hostile coalition against itself. It avoided that fate by showing great restraint, prudence … Continue reading “Answering the ‘Wolfowitz (Bush) Doctrine’ on American Empire”

The Seven Big Lies About Iraq

ONE –It’s Saddam’s fault that half a million children died since the economic blockade, saddam could feed his people if he cared instead of using his money to buy weapons – “More than one million Iraqis have died- 500,000 of them children-as a direct consequence of economic sanctions… As many as 12% of the children … Continue reading “The Seven Big Lies About Iraq”