Challenging Hegemony in Latin America

The US has never made a secret of its intent to exercise hegemony over its hemisphere. The intent has been enshrined and repeatedly reinforced in policy. Nearly two-hundred years ago, the Monroe Doctrine claimed the western hemisphere, placing a fence around the Americas and posting a no trespassing sign for all other nations of the … Continue reading “Challenging Hegemony in Latin America”

The Dangers of Regime Change: After Putin

The comparison between the crisis in Ukraine and the Cuban missile crisis has occasionally been made. With an honest look at that crisis, history has two lessons to offer for the crisis of today. The first is that the Cuban missile crisis demonstrates clearly how the US would respond to Russia encroaching on its sphere … Continue reading “The Dangers of Regime Change: After Putin”

New York Times Opinion Piece: What Biden Is Telling Putin

When the President of the United States writes an opinion piece in The New York Times, he is talking to Americans, but, as he is aware as he is writing it, he is also talking to Putin. Officials in Russia will be analyzing the short text, decoding the messages. What message is Biden sending? And … Continue readingNew York Times Opinion Piece: What Biden Is Telling Putin”

Biden’s New China Policy

On May 26, Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a major speech defining the Biden administration’s China policy. Though the US is pouring tens of billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, the training on how to use them, and the intelligence to target them on Russian soldiers, Blinken said it is not Russia, but … Continue reading “Biden’s New China Policy”

Russia and China and Bold Red Lines

With calls for Russia to be pushed out of "the whole of Ukraine," for Russia to be "weakened" and defeated and even calls for regime change in Moscow, what might Russia’s and China’s red lines be, and how does the US measure when it’s in danger of crossing them? Russia may already have decided that … Continue reading “Russia and China and Bold Red Lines”

Losing Latin America

Suppose they gave a summit, and nobody came? In a spectacular act of defiance against America’s claimed right to control the hemisphere, the protest against the US hosted, by invitation only, Summit of the Americas is growing. In its continued attempt to shape the Americas by stamping down alternative and independent models of government, the … Continue reading “Losing Latin America”

US and Latin America: Trouble in the Backyard

While the US is expanding into Russia’s sphere of influence, it seems to be having trouble consolidating and controlling its own sphere of influence. There may be trouble in America’s backyard. The Biden administration has been so distracted by expansion and so asleep at diplomacy that the very fundamentals of diplomacy have been neglected in … Continue reading “US and Latin America: Trouble in the Backyard”

Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy

Joe Biden promised the world that he was "opening a new era of relentless diplomacy." Either those were just words or Biden has lost control of his foreign policy. Rather than the birth of diplomacy, the first sixteen months of Biden’s term in office have seen a dearth of diplomacy. On all the major issues, … Continue reading “Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy”

Five Reasons To Be Increasingly Worried About the War in Ukraine

The New York Times reported on May 1 that "the Biden administration" – the same one that ignored Putin’s warnings about Russia’s red line regarding NATO expansion to Ukraine – "increasingly casts aside fears expressed by some early in the war that too much American assistance to Ukraine risked a direct conflict with President Vladimir … Continue reading “Five Reasons To Be Increasingly Worried About the War in Ukraine”