Indymedia’s Internet Servers Confiscated

LONDON – Agents from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Thursday seized two Internet servers in Britain that host the Web sites of the global news network Indymedia. Two days later, there was still no clarification of why the computers were confiscated or who is holding them. The confiscation came just days before … Continue reading “Indymedia’s Internet Servers Confiscated”

A Ray of Hope in Iraq’s Hostage Crisis

ROME – "Shukran, shukran gesilan, ma salama (Thank you, many thanks, see you later)," Italian aid workers Simona Pari and Simona Torretta said after being freed this week in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The women, who work for the Italian non-governmental organization (NGO) "A Bridge to . . ." were kidnapped by militants on Sept. … Continue reading “A Ray of Hope in Iraq’s Hostage Crisis”

Italian Sympathy for Iraqi Resistance Dwindles

ROME – Without being exactly encouraging, the Italian peace movement had been sympathetic toward the resistance in Iraq. Not any more. The Stop the War coalition, which brings together several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), is still calling for "withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq." It wants to "avoid leaving the Iraqi people alone under the … Continue reading “Italian Sympathy for Iraqi Resistance Dwindles”

A Click Becomes a Political Tool

"Big events like last year’s antiwar demonstrations on February 15 would exist even without the Internet, but they would be much smaller," says Lorenzo Mosca, a researcher from the University of Florence on civil society’s use of new technologies. "New technologies like e-mail and short text messages (SMS) radically changed the way to mobilize people," … Continue reading “A Click Becomes a Political Tool”