Flags, Football, and Begged Questions

Defenders of Donald Trump’s condemnation of NFL players who “take a knee” during the national hymn – sorry, anthem – beg a few questions. They assume the truth of matters that are or should be in dispute. So, not so fast, Trump defenders. You have work to do. The first question begged is whether kneeling … Continue reading “Flags, Football, and Begged Questions”

Operation CYA – Afghanistan

Steve Bannon’s Breitbart and others notwithstanding, that was Trump being Trump when he announced he would not be quitting Afghanistan, despite the manifest futility and counterproductivity – that is, idiocy – of America’s 16-year war there. He is not a captive of “my generals,” bad as they are. He is his own man. Just look … Continue reading “Operation CYA – Afghanistan”

Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Wouldn’t Be the First for North Korea

Leave it to Donald Trump to threaten to rain “fire and fury” on the North Korean people the same week the world observed the 72nd anniversary of the U.S. government’s vindictive atomic bombings of Japanese civilians. In case anyone missed the message, Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis warned that the Kim Jong-un regime’s actions … Continue reading “Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Wouldn’t Be the First for North Korea”

Truman, A-Bombs, and the Killing of Innocents

Today marks the 72nd anniversary of U.S. President Harry Truman’s atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. The atomic bombing of Nagasaki took place three days later in 1945. Some 90,000-166,000 individuals were killed in Hiroshima. The Nagasaki bombing killed 39,000-80,000 human beings. (It has come to my attention that the US military bombed Tokyo on Aug. 14 … Continue reading “Truman, A-Bombs, and the Killing of Innocents”

Let’s All Calm Down About Russia

I can understand why the ruling elite, broadly conceived to include the intel bureaucracy and military-industrial complex, has an interest in positing Russia as our enemy. The reasons are obvious enough. What I can’t understand is why common Americans would fall for it. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain from swallowing this … Continue reading “Let’s All Calm Down About Russia”

Trump’s Mideast Mission Impossible

By now, comparing someone to the underwear gnomes of South Park fame is trite. Were it not for Donald Trump, I wouldn’t go near it. But I cannot resist because it’s a salient feature of his way of “thinking” – although posing would be the better word here. Behold: “If Israeli and the Palestinians can … Continue reading “Trump’s Mideast Mission Impossible”

The Real Danger From Trump Is Ignored

While the chattering classes spend all their time rehashing Donald Trump’s alleged – there’s a word you don’t much see in the media anymore – coordination with Russians over their alleged – there it is again – hacking of the Democrats’ email, a story with far more ominous implications is being ignored. I refer to … Continue reading “The Real Danger From Trump Is Ignored”

The War Party Talks Nonsense on Korea

The Really Serious People – you know, the politicians and pundits who have been wrong on every call on foreign policy in recent memory – think that talking to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un would be foolish because it would “legitimate” him and his brutal regime. This war caucus is ably represented by retired Rear … Continue reading “The War Party Talks Nonsense on Korea”

Talk to, Don’t Provoke, North Korea

There’s little more we can do than hope that some cool heads around Donald Trump are telling him he’d be nuts to attack North Korea. I don’t know who they might be. Still, we must hope. It doesn’t take a lifetime of study to know that, fortunately, no military resolution of the standoff is available. … Continue reading “Talk to, Don’t Provoke, North Korea”