Congress Again Rewards Israel’s Misdeeds

To judge by what Congress is up to these days, one would think that it wants to reward Israel for its relentless confiscation of Palestinian land and continued ethnic cleansing. Congress – which is not only interested in “the Benjamins,” that is, Israel Lobby contributions – is surely operating in what Yakov Hirsch calls “hasbara culture,” according to … Continue reading “Congress Again Rewards Israel’s Misdeeds”

Russia in Ukraine: Cui Bono?

I don’t know if the U.S. foreign-policy elite wanted Russia to invade Ukraine – an argument could be made for the affirmative – but I’d hate to think it did. Yet given its long record of global mischief (a polite word for its machinations), we certainly cannot rule out the point a priori. Perhaps the … Continue reading “Russia in Ukraine: Cui Bono?”

When History Begins – Russia, Ukraine, and the US

Contrary to what hypocritical U.S. rulers and their loyal mass media suggest, two propositions can both be – and indeed are – true: that Russia has grossly, brutally, and criminally mishandled the situation it has faced with respect to Ukraine, and that the US government since the late 1990s has been entirely responsible for imposing … Continue reading “When History Begins – Russia, Ukraine, and the US”

Joe Biden, Let’s Not Go to War

Here’s a good idea: let’s not go to war against Russia. Let’s not even rattle a saber at Russia (or China, for that matter) because even wars that no one really wants can be blundered into. Many losers would be left in the aftermath, even if nuclear weapons were kept out of sight, but no … Continue reading “Joe Biden, Let’s Not Go to War”

Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations?

Joe Biden, who says the buck regarding Afghanistan stops with him in the White House, claims that the Taliban’s final takeover of the capital, Kabul, provoking mass panic reminiscent of Saigon, 1975, happened more quickly “than anticipated.” If that’s true – spoiler alert: it ain’t – then we taxpayers should demand the mass firings and … Continue reading “Afghanistan Aftermath: No Firings? No Resignations?”

In Afghanistan, Watch the Forest as Well as the Trees

It’s always important not to miss the forest for the trees. U.S. government announcements, such as its report of the turnover to the Afghan government of the seventh and last military base in Afghanistan, Bagram, should lead no one to think that US foreign policy has changed worldwide or even in that particular region. Far … Continue reading “In Afghanistan, Watch the Forest as Well as the Trees”

About That ‘Real Estate Dispute’ in Sheikh Jarrah

When the Israeli government describes the conflict over the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem as just a “real-estate dispute,” it has a point. Palestinian families are at risk of eviction (and some have already been evicted) from homes they’ve lived in for many years so that Jewish settlers, many of whom were born in … Continue reading “About That ‘Real Estate Dispute’ in Sheikh Jarrah”

Palestine/Israel Erupts Again

In Coming to Palestine I defended, from a libertarian perspective, the Palestinians against Israeli/Zionist oppression. I am reluctant to repeat that case in a far shorter form here, but the horrendous current events throughout Palestine/Israel, including the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, cry out for comment. I can do no better than to link to … Continue reading “Palestine/Israel Erupts Again”

U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy

If you had set out to construct a foreign policy designed to impose indescribable suffering on millions of innocent people around the world, you’d have a tough time coming up with anything more systematic and effective than U.S. foreign policy. An inventory of US direct military and covert operations, aid to savage governments and murderous … Continue reading “U(nspeakably) S(adistic) Foreign Policy”

Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back

In a cliché-ridden foreign-policy speech delivered at the State Department on Thursday, President Joe Biden declared that "America is back" – on the global stage, presumably, as policeman of the world, but certainly not a disinterested policeman. The problem is that it never left. Despite some uncouth rhetoric and regular New York Times headlines regarding … Continue reading “Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back”