Understanding ISIS in the Philippines

For about a month the government of the Philippines has been fighting a group who has pledged allegiance to ISIS. The battle is in Marawi City, about an hour from my family’s city, where I have built a house and live part-time. We have relatives in Davao City, where the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo … Continue reading “Understanding ISIS in the Philippines”

The Rot from Within: Character Disorders of the Republic

In reading a number of books on the destructive manipulative behavior of people with personality disorders I became increasingly struck by how the behavior of our politicians and our nation, especially with respect to foreign policy, was so precisely described.  The lesson from this study is not just sobering, but taken alongside the invincible tide … Continue reading “The Rot from Within: Character Disorders of the Republic”

The Stray Bullet Theory

Since the invasion of Afghanistan for the purpose of overthrowing its government, I have wondered what to call the stupidity of the operative theory. There is no superior strategy for getting Bin Laden than the strategy of getting Bin Laden.  Anything other than that is hoping he will be hit by a stray bullet.  The … Continue reading “The Stray Bullet Theory”