How the War in Yemen Could End in a Matter of Days

The murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has intensified Washington’s debate over the war in Yemen. On February 13, by a 248-177 vote, the House of Representatives passed a War Powers Act resolution to end U.S. participation in the war. But officials in Washington, D.C. don’t generally know that under terms of a little … Continue reading “How the War in Yemen Could End in a Matter of Days”

Venezuela: Democratic Uprising or US Coup?

Tens of thousands of angry people march in the streets to protest lack of democracy. Women bang on pots to raise alarm over the economic crisis brought on by a socialist president. The United States denounces the leftist government and promises to help bring democracy to the country. Venezuela in 2019? No, it was Chile … Continue reading “Venezuela: Democratic Uprising or US Coup?”

Trump – The New Antiwar Champion?

Last week President Donald Trump surprised the world, and much of his own staff, by announcing plans to pull over 2000 US troops out of Syria. Then he said he would cut the number of US troops in Afghanistan in half. In response, Secretary of Defense James "Mad Dog" Mattis and special envoy to Syria … Continue reading “Trump – The New Antiwar Champion?”

Senate Tumult Reflects Popular Discontent With Yemen War

I’m on a low-budget book tour, sleeping in spare bedrooms and munching granola in the kitchens of progressives all along the East Coast. Many had felt beaten down and pessimistic from two years of Trumpism. But I now sense some optimism and a renewed fighting spirit. Just look at the surprising battle in the Senate … Continue reading “Senate Tumult Reflects Popular Discontent With Yemen War”

Gaza Battle – Israel Loses Politically

Earlier this week the Israeli military and armed groups in Gaza clashed in the worst fighting since their 2014 war. Israeli planes bombed Palestinians, killing seven, wounding 26 and destroying numerous office and apartment buildings. Palestinian groups fired rockets and mortars into Israel, killing one civilian and wounding 18. Both sides agreed to an uneasy … Continue reading “Gaza Battle – Israel Loses Politically”

Murder of Saudi Journalist Builds Opposition to Yemen War

The murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has backfired on the Saudi royal family by focusing new attention on its vicious war on Yemen. The last few weeks have seen startling new reports on civilian atrocities and growing support for a House of Representative resolution invoking the War Powers Act to stop the war. … Continue reading “Murder of Saudi Journalist Builds Opposition to Yemen War”

What the Khashoggi Case Tells Us About Terrorism

ISTANBUL – In 2013, an Iranian national living in Texas was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington, D.C. The State Department alleged that Iran’s Al Quds force masterminded the terrorist plot. Although the bombing never took place and Iran denied any connection with the conspiracy, 92 … Continue reading “What the Khashoggi Case Tells Us About Terrorism”

What 15 Years of US Occupation Has Produced: Angry Iraqis

Militant protests continue in the oil rich city of Basra despite a harsh government crackdown. Thousands of Iraqis are demanding jobs, restoration of basic utility services and an end to government corruption. The protests quickly spread to other southern Iraqi cities and Baghdad. Iraq has faced major electricity shortages since the 2003 US invasion. In … Continue reading “What 15 Years of US Occupation Has Produced: Angry Iraqis”

Afghanistan Has Become Trump’s ‘Failed Narco State’

President Donald Trump is back on the stump, trumpeting his alleged triumphs since the 2016 election. Somehow, he never mentions Afghanistan. For years, Trump has denounced endless foreign wars, including Afghanistan. For example, he tweeted in 2012 that Afghanistan is “a complete waste. Time to come home!” Once in power, however, Trump filled top adviser … Continue reading “Afghanistan Has Become Trump’s ‘Failed Narco State’”