Boston and Baghdad

Greater Boston and its citizens are the focus of media attention in recognition of the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that took three innocent lives and injured over 264 people, some of them severely. City leaders praised the heroism of the first responders and the deepened community spirit (“Boston Strong”). Addressing 2,500 invited … Continue reading “Boston and Baghdad”

Obama to Putin: Do as I Say Not as I Do

Dear Mr. President, As you ponder your potential moves regarding President Vladimir V. Putin’s annexation of Crimea (a large majority of its 2 million people are ethnic Russians), it is important to remember that whatever moral leverage you may have had in the court of world opinion has been sacrificed by the precedents set by … Continue reading “Obama to Putin: Do as I Say Not as I Do”

Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again

The same neocons who persuaded George W. Bush and crew to, in Ron Paul’s inimitable words, "lie their way into invading Iraq" in 2003, are beating the drums of war more loudly these days to attack Iran. It is remarkable how many of these warmongers are former draft dodgers who wanted other Americans to fight … Continue reading “Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again”

Time for Congress to Stop Copping Out

Some of the comments in response to a recent essay I published shared our recognition that the promotion of peace in the United States needs to intensify. My response below provides an action for antiwar activists to consider as they gather to protest the occupation of Iraq this weekend on the two-year anniversary of the … Continue reading “Time for Congress to Stop Copping Out”

Restarting the Antiwar Movement

Political movements require momentum; they need to constantly build and aggregate. When they take a lengthy break from organizing and stop the momentum, it is difficult to restart. During the Vietnam War, there was a consistent expansion of antiwar efforts. Every year, the movement built and grew. Antiwar activists did not take breaks during election … Continue reading “Restarting the Antiwar Movement”

Creating Blowbacks and Backlashes

George W. Bush The White House Washington, DC 20500 Re: Inhumane treatment of prisoners produces blowbacks and backlashes Dear Mr. President: The reported widespread abuse of prisoners by your Administration adds another condition that reflects on your failure of leadership. Anticipation and prevention of such tragedies should have been routine by the top officials whom … Continue reading “Creating Blowbacks and Backlashes”