A Foreign Policy for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty

Thomas Jefferson spoke for the founders and all our early presidents when he stated: “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none…” which is, “one of the essential principles of our government”. The question is: Whatever happened to this principle and should it be restored? We find the 20th Century was … Continue reading “A Foreign Policy for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty”

Arguments Against a War in Iraq

I urge the Congress to think twice before thrusting this nation into a war without merit – one fraught with the danger of escalating into something no American will be pleased with. Thomas Jefferson once said: "Never was so much false arithmetic employed on any subject as that which has been employed to persuade nations … Continue reading “Arguments Against a War in Iraq”

Important Questions About War in Iraq

As Congress reconvenes this week, the possibility of war with Iraq looms larger than ever. I believe the Constitution clearly requires a declaration of war by Congress before a military invasion of Iraq can take place. I also believe that Congress and the American people need to engage in a sober and thorough debate over … Continue reading “Important Questions About War in Iraq”

War in Iraq, War on the Rule of Law

The chorus of voices calling for the United States to attack Iraq grows louder. Recent weeks had seen growing controversy concerning the wisdom of such an attack, including controversy over the need for congressional approval for an invasion. The war hawk TV pundits have been busy working to quell the controversy by insisting the President … Continue reading “War in Iraq, War on the Rule of Law”

Will Congress Debate War with Iraq?

The Senate Foreign Relations committee spent much of last week hearing testimony about Iraq. A second U.S. invasion of Iraq seems a foregone conclusion, as the testimony focused not on the wisdom of such an invasion, but rather only on how and when it should be done. Never mind that our own State department and … Continue reading “Will Congress Debate War with Iraq?”

The Homeland Security Non-Debate

Late Friday evening, after only a few short hours of debate, Congress passed legislation creating a new Department of Homeland Security. The new department represents the biggest government reorganization since the creation of the Department of Defense in the 1940s, and potentially the single biggest expansion of the federal government in our history. Over 175,000 … Continue reading “The Homeland Security Non-Debate”

Department of Homeland Security – Who Needs It?

Everyone agrees the 9-11 tragedy confirmed a problem that exists in our domestic security and dramatized our vulnerability to outside attacks. Most agree that the existing bureaucracy was inept. The CIA, the FBI, the INS, and Customs failed to protect us. It was not a lack of information that caused this failure; they had plenty. … Continue reading “Department of Homeland Security – Who Needs It?”

Monitor Thy Neighbor

Opposition to the Patriot Act, legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President last year, is growing. Americans are beginning to understand that many precious liberties have been put in jeopardy by the government’s rush to enact new laws in the wake of September 11th. Federal law enforcement agencies now have broad authority to … Continue reading “Monitor Thy Neighbor”

Opening Cuban Markets Good for Cubans and Americans

Washington, DC: Congressman Ron Paul is working with several congressional colleagues this week to end trade restrictions that hurt Texas farmers. While the House considers several large spending bills, including a bill that funds agricultural programs, Paul and others plan to use the amendment process to block the Cuban agricultural embargo. More than 270 members … Continue reading “Opening Cuban Markets Good for Cubans and Americans”

Is America a Police State?

Most Americans believe we live in dangerous times, and I must agree. Today I want to talk about how I see those dangers and what Congress ought to do about them. Of course, the Monday-morning quarterbacks are now explaining, with political overtones, what we should have done to prevent the 9/11 tragedy. Unfortunately, in doing … Continue reading “Is America a Police State?”