Against the Phony Resolution on Iraq Abuse

I oppose the House resolution that claims to condemn prisoner abuse in Iraq. Like so many resolutions we have seen here on the Iraq war, this one is not at all what it purports to be. Were this really a resolution condemning abuse of prisoners and other detainees, I doubt anyone here would oppose it. … Continue reading “Against the Phony Resolution on Iraq Abuse”

Passing the Buck in Iraq

The allegations of prisoner torture by our troops in Iraq are disturbing, and clearly drastic action must be taken to ensure such conduct stops immediately. But why are we condemning a small group of low-level reservists when we do not yet know the full story? As revolting as the pictures are, we cannot know with … Continue reading “Passing the Buck in Iraq”

The Real Lessons of 9/11

We are constantly admonished to remember the lessons of 9/11. Of course the real issue is not remembering, but rather knowing what the pertinent lesson of that sad day is. The 9/11 Commission soon will release its report after months of fanfare by those whose reputations are at stake. The many hours and dollars spent … Continue reading “The Real Lessons of 9/11”

Don’t Expand NATO!

Further expansion of NATO, an outdated alliance, is not in our national interest and may well constitute a threat to our national security in the future. More than 50 years ago the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed to defend Western Europe and the United States against attack from the communist nations of Eastern Europe. … Continue reading “Don’t Expand NATO!”

Iraq One Year Later

The Iraq war began about one year ago with the swift and decisive overthrow of Baghdad and the Hussein regime. We are only beginning to understand, however, the true scope of our ongoing occupation of a nation rife with civil, ethnic, and tribal conflict. July stands as the deadline for our provisional government to relinquish … Continue reading “Iraq One Year Later”

Praise the Troops, Not the War

During the five-hour debate on this resolution, Congressman Paul was not given an opportunity to speak, even though he is a fairly senior member of the House International Affairs Committee. Much more junior member of the committee, Kathryn Harris of Florida, was given two opportunities to speak on the issue. Clearly, the GOP leadership did … Continue reading “Praise the Troops, Not the War”

Congress Abandoned Its Duty on War

There is plenty of blame to go around for the mistakes made by going to war in Iraq, especially now that it is common knowledge Saddam Hussein told the truth about having no weapons of mass destruction, and that Al Qaida and 9/11 were in no way related to the Iraqi government. Our intelligence agencies … Continue reading “Congress Abandoned Its Duty on War”

Congress Cannot Be Appointed

In the months following the September 11th terrorist attacks, questions arose about whether Congress could continue to function if many of its members were killed or injured in a future terrorist attack. These concerns resulted in the creation of a commission that advocated a first in American history, namely the appointment of individuals to the … Continue reading “Congress Cannot Be Appointed”

Elusive Peace in the Middle East

Another Christmas season is upon us, but sadly prospects for peace in the holy land during the New Year are bleak. People on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute have become exceedingly frustrated with the endless impasse and government peace agreements that produce no results. One thing is certain: U.S. involvement in the deadly conflict … Continue reading “Elusive Peace in the Middle East”

Whose Peace?

Much has been written lately about several attempts to craft an alternative peace plan in the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian dispute. The best known of these recent plans – the “Geneva Initiative” – was conceived and written by representatives of both sides of the conflict, but without the involvement of governments or politicians. As such, it is … Continue reading “Whose Peace?”