Condi’s Contradictions

"He needs to get his story straight," National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice says of her whistleblowing former aide Richard Clarke. Oh, he does? Rice’s contradictory statements about what the White House knew or didn’t know, did or didn’t do, before 9-11 are legion. And much of what she’s told the media is at odds with … Continue reading “Condi’s Contradictions”

Is Fix in at 9/11 Commission?

In finally accepting the 9/11 Commission’s request for public testimony under oath from National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, the White House was not the one that flinched. It was the 9/11 Commission. The fine print of the deal takes the chance of the commission taking sworn public testimony from any other White House official – … Continue reading “Is Fix in at 9/11 Commission?”