War of Choice: How Israel Manufactured the Gaza Escalation

Israel has repeatedly claimed that it had “no choice” but to wage war on Gaza on December 27 because Hamas had broken a ceasefire, was firing rockets at Israeli civilians, and had “tried everything in order to avoid this military operation,” as Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni put it. This claim, however, is widely at odds … Continue reading “War of Choice: How Israel Manufactured the Gaza Escalation”

Behind the Surge in Iraqi Female Suicide Bombers

While overall levels of violence in Iraq have significantly dropped from their peak in 2006, every day seems to bring news of yet another ghastly suicide bombing, only now the bomber often comes in a black abaya, the full-length robe worn by many Iraqi women. For the one deadly number that has risen substantially since … Continue reading “Behind the Surge in Iraqi Female Suicide Bombers”

US Takes Counterinsurgency Lessons From Israel

The new “surge” strategy in Iraq, led by Gen. David Petraeus, has been heavily marketed as an example of the U.S. military’s application of the “lessons of history” from previous counterinsurgencies to Iraq, foremost among them the need to win the population over from insurgents through cultivating human relationships, addressing popular grievances, and providing security. … Continue reading “US Takes Counterinsurgency Lessons From Israel”