A Pictorial Rebuttal to the Embedded Media

Unembedded: Four Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq. By Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Kael Alford, Thorne Anderson, and Rita Leistner. Chelsea Greene, 2005. 196 pages. Hardback and paperback editions available. When the U.S. invaded the Middle East in 2003, the American war machine offered to “embed” reporters with the troops. Reporters and photojournalists would be assigned … Continue reading “A Pictorial Rebuttal to the Embedded Media”

Covers for Peace

On the whole, I’ve been surprised and disappointed by the lack of well-known musicians stepping up to the microphone and singing out for peace lately, especially considering the resurgence of folk and Americana styles and artists (the traditional harbingers of “music with a message”) in recent years. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere of fear and blind … Continue reading “Covers for Peace”

Exploring the Mideast Conflict With an Open Heart

After years of planning and collaboration, San Francisco’s Traveling Jewish Theatre has brought its new play Blood Relative to the stage. Formed with input from all five performers, along with director Aaron Davidman and dramaturg Naomi Newman, the play centers around a young man living in Israel, but born to a Muslim Palestinian father and … Continue reading “Exploring the Mideast Conflict With an Open Heart”

Action/Reaction Paints Grim Picture

In September 2003, artist and social activist Adrian Lee unveiled his protest against everything wrong with society as he sees it. His statement was made in the form of 50 sizable painted panels combined to form a mural that covered the walls of an entire gallery. Now, for those of us who missed the limited … Continue reading “Action/Reaction Paints Grim Picture”

Purple Hearts Shows Aftermath of War

A review of Purple Hearts by Nina Berman Trolley, Ltd. (Great Britain) Hardback, 96 pages, with 41 color photographs When you get to the end of Purple Hearts, you won’t know what to think. But you will be thinking. In this short and spare book, photojournalist Berman has collected pictures of 19 American servicemen and … Continue readingPurple Hearts Shows Aftermath of War”

Agent Orange: An Ongoing Atrocity

A review of Agent Orange: "Collateral Damage" in Vietnam by Philip Jones Griffiths Trolley Ltd. (Great Britain) Hardback, 160 pages, with 100 b/w photographs In this welcome and timely follow-up to his well-known 1971 classic Vietnam, Inc., photojournalist Phillip Jones Griffiths takes readers on a moving journey into the heart of darkness, shining a light … Continue reading “Agent Orange: An Ongoing Atrocity”

Documenting the Creative Side of Peace

The US Government’s 2003 invasion of Iraq spawned one of the most vocal, productive, and visible military protest movements in history, and inspired peace-minded artists the world over to create powerful images expressing and communicating their outrage. The new book Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated, from Swiss publisher Edition Olms and American distributor Trafalgar … Continue reading “Documenting the Creative Side of Peace”

AIPAC Dinner Draws Peaceful Protest

“Who are we? AIPAC! What do we want? Apartheid! When do we want it? NOW!” This was one of the most accusatory cries to be heard from the group of nearly fifty activists that gathered on Broadway in downtown Oakland, California Monday night to protest the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee at their Annual Northwestern … Continue reading “AIPAC Dinner Draws Peaceful Protest”

Palestinian-Born Playwright Offers Insight and Hope for the Peace in the Middle East

In a tiny downstairs room in San Francisco, there is a play being performed that, in true theatrical (and San Franciscan) spirit, confronts not one but two hot-button socio-political issues facing the world community today. The somewhat ironically-named New Conservatory Theatre is already known nationally for the frank exploration of homosexual themes present in much … Continue reading “Palestinian-Born Playwright Offers Insight and Hope for the Peace in the Middle East”