Is the New Greek Government a Trojan?

The Greek parliamentary election of January 25 was won by the "Coalition of the Radical Left," better known by the acronym SYRIZA (Synaspismós Rizospastikís Aristerás). It was not an altogether unexpected development, as both the mainstream Greek parties had lost the faith of the electorate by slavishly following the dictates of Brussels and Berlin to … Continue reading “Is the New Greek Government a Trojan?”

Russophobia Trumps Terrorism: Media Stir Over Arrest of Chechens in France

The arrest in France of Chechens is being used to stoke up hatred of Russia, and showcase the hypocrisy of the West on terrorism. Five “Russians” were arrested in France earlier this week, and the ensuing media frenzy – however brief – over the event sought to implicate Russia in the French terror crisis that … Continue reading “Russophobia Trumps Terrorism: Media Stir Over Arrest of Chechens in France”

The Grim and the Funny of Bosnian Elections

The coming general elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina (October 12) won’t solve anything. This is the earth-shattering conclusion of the analysis by Antonio Cortiñas, from the Elcano Royal Institute in Spain. Cortiñas, a former Spanish officer "with diplomatic and military experience in the Balkans" blames Bosnia’s political order and claims "inability to solve real problems continues to … Continue reading “The Grim and the Funny of Bosnian Elections”

Empire’s Murderous Fruits

Earlier this week, jihadists loyal to the "Islamic State" – a self-proclaimed Caliphate in eastern Syria and northern Iraq – ritually beheaded American journalist James Foley, their captive since last year. The gruesome film of the execution was posted online, of course; the IS has eagerly embraced social media as a way of preaching jihad, … Continue reading “Empire’s Murderous Fruits”

Covering for the KLA

At the end of July, a “Special Investigative Task Force” (SITF) announced (PDF) the results of its three-year inquiry into charges of heinous atrocities involving the “Kosovo Liberation Army”. Insofar as it deigned to acknowledge any atrocities were committed by these favored clients of the Empire, the SITF report is indeed groundbreaking. However, a second … Continue reading “Covering for the KLA”