Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?

Reprinted from Consortium News. As U.S. House members grapple with whether to give $60 billion more to Ukraine, they must also grapple with the checkered nature of the intelligence they’ve been fed. On July 13, 2023, President Joe Biden announced Russian President Vladimir Putin “has already lost the war.” That was six days after C.I.A. … Continue reading “Throwing Good Money After Bad in Ukraine?”

The Tragic Reality of Rachel Corrie’s Death

Twenty years ago on March 16, the world got a tragic glimpse into what the state of Israel was going to become. Given the green light in the Oval Office by President George W. Bush, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon – “a man of peace," Bush said at the time – started the now-inevitable march to … Continue reading “The Tragic Reality of Rachel Corrie’s Death”

The Tragedy of Venezuela Is the Tragedy of the United States of America

Knowing what I know about my own Administration’s attempt to unseat Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in 2002, I was not surprised when the effort was recently renewed by the Trump Administration, particularly when such arch-defenders of Latin American rights as Elliott Abrams, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott – not to mention John Bolton – began … Continue reading “The Tragedy of Venezuela Is the Tragedy of the United States of America”

The Elephant vs. the Shark

To pivot, according to the venerable Oxford English Dictionary, means “to turn as on a pivot.” Which takes us to the noun, which seems more appropriate for describing the Obama administration’s Pacific policy: “That on which anything turns; a cardinal or central point.” The problem, however, is that finding a cardinal or a central point … Continue reading “The Elephant vs. the Shark”