A Pandemic of ‘Russian Hacking’

From Consortium News: The hyperbolic, evidence-free media reports on the “fresh outbreak” of the Russian-hacking disease seems an obvious attempt by intelligence to handcuff President-elect Joe Biden into a strong anti-Russian posture as he prepares to enter the White House. Biden might well need to be inoculated against the Russophobe fever. There are obvious Biden … Continue reading “A Pandemic of ‘Russian Hacking’”

What Russia Fears in Syrian Conflict

Russia’s unyielding support for Damascus throughout the 16 months of Syria’s escalating crisis has earned Moscow strong condemnation from Washington and other Western governments, but the reasons for Russia’s implacable position have never been fully explained by Moscow or its critics. Washington’s latest tension with Russia over Syria came last week in a face-to-face meeting … Continue reading “What Russia Fears in Syrian Conflict”