The Devils We Don’t Know

Unwrapping raw information from the various cultural and social overlays can be maddening, especially in politics. The punditry, special pleading, and white knighting can be dizzying, and making heads or tails of things is often too much of a labor for the average news consumer. That’s why we look to sources. Established reprieves of thought … Continue reading “The Devils We Don’t Know”

Bolton’s at it Again and Venezuelans Will Suffer

The Trump administration, with John Bolton on the only battlements he’ll ever man, is at it again. This time, enacting sweeping financial punishments on businesses who would dare transact with Venezuela’s Maduro government. "The Maduro regime now joins that exclusive club of rogue states [Cuba, North Korea, and Iran]," Bolton said at a one-day conference … Continue reading “Bolton’s at it Again and Venezuelans Will Suffer”

Tale of the Terrible Neighbor

The tale of the terrible neighbor is a cliché familiar to all Americans. Days drone on with monotonous drum beats as you exist seemingly by freeze-frame image pulling into your driveway with the neighbor’s hose spilling over your fence, with his crabgrass and brush invading your backyard, whose pet prefers your grass to his owners … Continue reading “Tale of the Terrible Neighbor”