Opposition To Spy State, First Step To ‘Least Popular’ in Washington

"I am the least popular guy in Washington."  Thus spoke Rand Paul at a stopover rally in Massachusetts on his way to New Hampshire on June 7.  Who can doubt that claim after the events of the last few weeks. When you have Barack Obama, John McCain, Harry Reid, Lindsay Graham all arrayed against you, … Continue reading “Opposition To Spy State, First Step To ‘Least Popular’ in Washington”

Progressives Betray Struggle Against Surveillance State

A struggle of some consequence is now being waged in Congress to keep on life support the NSA’s massive spying on the American people.   And in this struggle the progressives (aka liberals) are engaged in a massive betrayal of all they profess to believe in.   Instead too many of them are scurrying about attacking Rand … Continue reading “Progressives Betray Struggle Against Surveillance State”

Can China Contain America?

"Can America Contain China?" it is often asked in the West. But given America’s endless wars and assaults on the developing nations of the world, the question ought to be, "Can China Contain America"? Or at least, can China restrain the U.S. from doing more damage in East Asia and perhaps elsewhere in the developing … Continue reading “Can China Contain America?”

Israel, a Bulwark Against World War: The Tar Baby and China

The major adversaries of the U.S. Empire are China, Russia and Iran. Of the three, China is the greatest threat to U.S. hegemony since its economy has already surpassed that of the U.S. in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) according to the IMF. And military power in the end is a function of economic … Continue reading “Israel, a Bulwark Against World War: The Tar Baby and China”

Why Are Russia and China (and Iran) Paramount Enemies for the US Ruling Elite?

Does it not seem strange that, with the Cold War long over, the Paramount Enemies of the United States remain Russia and China? That is not a bad question to ponder with Vladimir Putin’s visit with Xi Jinping in Beijing. And there is no doubt that Russia and China hold this pariah status in the … Continue reading “Why Are Russia and China (and Iran) Paramount Enemies for the US Ruling Elite?”

Why NATO Has Not Permitted Russia To Join

As the West’s assault on Ukraine gets ever bloodier, the "news" on National Public Radio (NPR) is teeming with anti-Russian propaganda, interspersed with the usual pieces declaiming on one’s senior prom and other matters of equal import. All in all it is a pretty dismal substitute for news and analysis. But even at the "Diane … Continue reading “Why NATO Has Not Permitted Russia To Join”

Massachusetts Pays $177 Million in State Taxes to the Pentagon

Just weeks before Tax Day, April 15, Governor Deval Patrick, Obama’s "close friend," signed into law a bond bill that dispenses $177 million in Massachusetts State Taxes to the Pentagon for construction and "upgrades" of U.S. military bases in the state. That’s right, not federal taxes but state taxes. On April 15, last year, the … Continue reading “Massachusetts Pays $177 Million in State Taxes to the Pentagon”

Peace Is No Longer a Partisan Issue

A funny thing happened on the way to a war on Syria – in fact several funny things. First the road to Damascus was blocked by the sentiment of the American people who are fed up with war. Second, international opposition from every corner of the earth, save two or three, joined the barricade, even … Continue reading “Peace Is No Longer a Partisan Issue”

Threatened with Censorship and Ouster by PEN’s Henchmen

In the vast and ever expanding firmament of Western Human Rights NGO’s, PEN, America Center, the writers’ organization, is far from the most luminous and ordinarily barely visible. But a dark side of PEN came clearly into view with the hiring of Suzanne Nossel as its executive director. And the same dark side is becoming … Continue reading “Threatened with Censorship and Ouster by PEN’s Henchmen”

Shenzo Abe Does D.C.

Last October a delegation of the U.S. imperial elite slithered into Japan, led by Richard Armitage, former Undersecrtary of State and Joseph Nye, Dean Emeritus of the Kennedy School of Empire – er, Government- at Dear Old Harvard. They came armed with a diatribe which they had co-authored for the Center For Strategic and International … Continue reading “Shenzo Abe Does D.C.”