‘Reporting Live From Kyiv’

The war in Ukraine, perhaps more than any other war before it, is being waged with words. Of course, words have played an important role in every war, but in the past correspondents have operated much closer to the conflict than they are in Ukraine. Back in April of this year, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour bragged … Continue reading “‘Reporting Live From Kyiv’”

Three Words That Describe the Russo-Ukrainian War

There is a single word that is best suited to describe the position of Moscow, Washington, and Kyiv regarding the Russo-Ukrainian war – intractable. Six months into to the war and it appears that nothing can be done to bring these parties to the negotiating table. All three governments remain as thoroughly entrenched in their … Continue reading “Three Words That Describe the Russo-Ukrainian War”

American Hegemony and the Politics of Provocation

American hegemony is now on life support. Intensive care specialists are still scurrying about trying to resuscitate the patient. Family and friends are saying he’s still putting up a fight. However, the undertakers of this dying order have already arrived, and are standing just outside the door: one is named Russia, and the other China. … Continue reading “American Hegemony and the Politics of Provocation”