Antisemitism’s Misdirection: Who Gets Hurt?

Unfounded or unconfirmed charges of antisemitism made by US pro-Israel organizations which are then parroted by the pro-Zionist US mainstream press, always increase when Israeli actions become so hideous they shame even some of its most dedicated supporters. With the latest Israeli shelling of Gaza, its evictions of Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in … Continue reading “Antisemitism’s Misdirection: Who Gets Hurt?”

Something Rotten in the State of Ukraine

One of the advantages of writing anonymous editorials is that you can wantonly spew forth bile without worrying about anyone pointing the finger at you individually. In the Dec. 2 issue of the pro-Yushchenko English-language Kyiv Post newspaper, an editorial entitled "An Orange March East" featured the following passage: "What should Viktor Yushchenko and his … Continue reading “Something Rotten in the State of Ukraine”

The Slow Strangulation of Democracy in Slovakia

"Invitations to NATO are open to all countries that have democratic systems of government, market economy, civilian control over military, and where there is a sign that the democratic system is working." ~ U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright NATO and the European Union (EU) have invariably approached the subject of admitting new members by … Continue reading “The Slow Strangulation of Democracy in Slovakia”

Death of a Patriot

The death of former President of Azerbaijan Abulfaz Elchibey on Tuesday, August 22, passed quietly in the news. Given Western media’s penchant for sensation over substance, this shouldn’t have been too surprising, but it should have at least raised an eyebrow or two. Back in May of this year, at a conference in Washington devoted … Continue reading “Death of a Patriot”

The Twilight of Sovereignty in Azerbaijan

It’s January 2001, and George "Dubya" Bush has just been sworn in as president. The neocons are in charge of foreign policy, and one of the top items on their agenda is in the war-torn, ex-Soviet region of the Caucasus, where the Russians are resurgent. The situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan creates the most … Continue reading “The Twilight of Sovereignty in Azerbaijan”

The Ukrainian Model of Democracy

[O]ne more time Kuchma has demonstrated his unshakable position of the leader of a geostrategically important country that permanently balances on the verge of economic collapse but nevertheless successfully maneuvers its political course through the conflicting interests of Washington and Moscow. Taking into account the latest outburst of popular love for and confidence in the … Continue reading “The Ukrainian Model of Democracy”

Patrick Buchanan and the American Reformation

"The fatal flaw in the globalist vision is that it is utopian. It envisions a world that has never existed and can never exist, because it is contrary to fallen human nature. History has shown again and again that men do not give loyalty, love, and allegiance to entities greater than the nation. No ‘world … Continue reading “Patrick Buchanan and the American Reformation”

The Betrayal of Democracy In Post-Soviet Georgia

The Betrayal of Democracy in Post-Soviet Georgia by Chad Nagle British Helsinki Human Rights Group Special to 11/30/99 Maybe, when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was infeasible for the West to hold Nuremberg trials for all the Communist Party nomenklatura members who had hounded, arrested, imprisoned, tortured and executed dissidents and political prisoners for … Continue reading “The Betrayal of Democracy In Post-Soviet Georgia”