Coming of Age in a Guantanamo Jumpsuit

Plenty of monikers have been attached to Omar Khadr, one of the most famous Guantanamo Bay detainees – child soldier, terrorist, war criminal, Al-Qaeda family member, security threat. One thing is certain: Khadr’s release last weekend to Canadian custody after 10 years has proven highly provocative. His return to Canadian soil has triggered passionate debate … Continue reading “Coming of Age in a Guantanamo Jumpsuit”

Police Academy Duties Faze US Troops

KANDAHAR – Like other troops, the Sep.11, 2001 attacks against the United States inspired Sgt. First Class Darryl Cheatham to join the military. The South Carolina native had already served 10 years in the army before returning to civilian life, but patriotism lured him back into uniform. Cheatham began a one-year mission to mentor the … Continue reading “Police Academy Duties Faze US Troops”

Internal Feuds Develop
Among Palestinians

JERUSALEM – The often unruly Gaza Strip has become a hot zone of Palestinian frustration over the inability of the recently sworn-in Hamas government to pay civil servants. Many have reportedly not received salaries since March. Distressed police officers in the last few weeks briefly took control of several public buildings and threatened future attacks. … Continue reading “Internal Feuds Develop
Among Palestinians”

Unease Grows Over Israeli Restraint

JERUSALEM – The Israeli government promised restraint in the wake of the bombing of a Tel Aviv falafel snack stand this month that was described as the worst suicide attack in almost two years, and which the Hamas government condoned. But the Israeli promise has not calmed fears of an attack. The Tel Aviv bombing … Continue reading “Unease Grows Over Israeli Restraint”

Gaza: Life Gets Harder in the ‘Prison’

JERUSALEM – The overcrowded Gaza Strip has routinely been described as a big prison following the onset of the second Palestinian rising, the Intifadah, six years ago and the virtual closing of crossing points to and from Israel. Life for the 1.4 million Palestinians packed into refugee camps on this thin sliver of land, one … Continue reading “Gaza: Life Gets Harder in the ‘Prison’”