Muslim Nations Want Nuclear Energy, Are Wary of Iran

BALI, Indonesia – As the West debates the perceived Iranian nuclear threat, leaders of the world’s eight largest Muslim countries, collectively known as the D8, met on this resort island over the weekend where they asserted the right of Islamic countries to peaceful nuclear energy. "It is simply a statement in support of peaceful nuclear … Continue reading “Muslim Nations Want Nuclear Energy, Are Wary of Iran”

Indonesian President’s Honeymoon Is Over

JAKARTA – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was sworn as the sixth president of Indonesia Wednesday, but the celebratory mood ended later that night when he disclosed his cabinet, defined by some analysts as a classic example of political horse-trading. Present at the ceremony, held in the same building occupied by students that led to the end … Continue reading “Indonesian President’s Honeymoon Is Over”

Indonesians Fear Increased Military Role in Politics

JAKARTA – While the Indonesian military,or TNI, for the first time will not hold any seats in the new House of Representatives, Indonesian legislators, however, with only hours remaining in their mandate approved a controversial new law cementing the TNI’s political power. A bill aimed at redefining the role of the Indonesian military was approved … Continue reading “Indonesians Fear Increased Military Role in Politics”

Indonesia: Landslide Sweeps Away Megawati

JAKARTA – Heavyweight political parties have long held sway in Indonesia, but, with over half of all the votes counted, a new breed of independent-minded voters has chosen Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in a landslide as the first directly elected president of the world’s third largest democracy – where Islam and freedom of choice go hand-in-hand. … Continue reading “Indonesia: Landslide Sweeps Away Megawati”