Snowden and Teixeira: Ten Years of Disaster

Ten years ago Edward Snowden was helped to escape by WikiLeaks and to publish his revelations by The Intercept, Guardian, New York Times, and others. In 2023 Jack Teixeira is tracked down by UK secret service front Bellingcat in conjunction with the New York Times and in parallel with the Washington Post, not to help … Continue reading “Snowden and Teixeira: Ten Years of Disaster”

The So-Far Non-Existent Vulkan Leaks

The Guardian, Washington Post, and Der Spiegel have last week published “bombshell” revelations about Russian cyberwarfare based on leaked documents, but have produced only one single, rather innocuous leaked document between them (in the Washington Post), with zero links to any. Where are these documents and what do they actually say? Der Spiegel tells us: … Continue reading “The So-Far Non-Existent Vulkan Leaks”

Biden Works To Prolong Ukraine War

I was in Turkey to try to further peace talks, as an experienced diplomat with good contacts there, and as a peace activist. I was not there as a journalist and much of what I discussed was with the understanding of confidence. It will be probably be some years before I judge it reasonable and … Continue reading “Biden Works To Prolong Ukraine War”

Turkey, NATO, and Peace in Ukraine

I am in Turkey because, if there is to be movement in ending the war in Ukraine, it will happen here. President Erdogan’s firm stance on a potential veto of Swedish and Finnish NATO membership is framed in public only in relation to perceived support by those countries for Kurdish resistance groups. But of course … Continue reading “Turkey, NATO, and Peace in Ukraine”

FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart

On the final day of the Assange extradition hearing, magistrate Vanessa Baraitser refused to accept an affidavit from Assange’s solicitor Gareth Peirce, on the grounds it was out of time. The affidavit explained that the defense had been unable to respond to the new accusations in the United States government’s second superseding indictment, because these … Continue reading “FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart”

Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea

The pre-positioning of the BBC correspondent on HMS Defender shatters the pretense that the BBC is something different to a state propaganda broadcaster. It also makes plain that this propaganda exercise to provoke the Russian military was calculated and deliberate. Indeed that was confirmed by that BBC correspondent’s TV news report last night when he … Continue reading “Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea”

UK High Court Delays as Assange Remains in Jail

Julian Assange remains in a maximum security jail, despite never being sentenced for anything but a long ago served spell for bail-jumping, and despite the US Government’s request for extradition having been refused. It is approaching six months since I was in court to hear the decision rejecting Julian’s extradition, and it was in the … Continue reading “UK High Court Delays as Assange Remains in Jail”

Twisting UK Law To Criminalize Dissent on Palestine

Once you have been active in politics for a few decades, you get used to the popular convulsions of support for Palestine every few years when Israel military action against Gaza becomes particularly intense. Then follows a ceasefire, the media move on and Israel resumes the daily routine of low level evictions, destruction of tree … Continue reading “Twisting UK Law To Criminalize Dissent on Palestine”

Both Tortuous and Torturous

Magistrate Vanessa Bararitser walked into Westminster Magistrates Court No.1 at 10.12am this morning with the sunniest smile and most carefree disposition I have ever seen her adopt. Her shoulders appeared visibly lifted. She positively beamed at Clair Dobbin, counsel for the US government, as she invited her to put the case for the prosecution as … Continue reading “Both Tortuous and Torturous”

The ICC’s Indefensible Decision on Alleged UK War Crimes in Iraq

Support for the rule of international law, and for the institutions which uphold it, is one of the principles of this blog. I have therefore always been extremely keen to defend and support the International Criminal Court, despite widespread criticism that it is simply a tool for use against leaders in the developing world and … Continue reading “The ICC’s Indefensible Decision on Alleged UK War Crimes in Iraq”