Rationalizing Genocide

Outrage over what has been alleged to be interference by a foreign power in the affairs of this country has led to a profound deterioration of relations with Russia and the unfortunate and tragic renewal of the Cold War. The mainstream media, despite the fact that the investigation is ongoing and conclusive evidence has yet … Continue reading “Rationalizing Genocide”

Anticipating the Forthcoming PBS Documentary, ‘The Vietnam War’

Much has been written and many documentaries made about the American War in Vietnam including the highly acclaimed 1983 effort by PBS, Vietnam: A Television History. Though not without its shortcomings, this 13-part documentary series was well crafted, meticulously researched, carefully balanced and thought-provoking. In September 2017, PBS will air the highly anticipated – seemingly … Continue reading “Anticipating the Forthcoming PBS Documentary, ‘The Vietnam War’”