Hero or Murderer: The Pardoning of Michael Behenna

In "celebration" of Memorial Day, this Nation’s most somber day of remembering and grieving those sacrificed in war, President Trump is considering pardoning a number of Servicemen accused or convicted of war crimes. To the delight of some and the outrage of others, President Trump has already granted a full pardon to Michael Behenna, a … Continue reading “Hero or Murderer: The Pardoning of Michael Behenna”

Both Victimizers and Victims

Recently I was invited to attend the "My Lai Memorial Traveling Exhibit" sponsored by the New York City Chapter of Veterans For Peace during its three day showing at the Quaker Meeting House in Manhattan. Developed by "Mac" MacDevitt and the Chicago Chapter of Veterans For Peace, the purpose of the exhibit is, in my … Continue reading “Both Victimizers and Victims”

Why I Tell No War Stories

War Story: an account or anecdote concerning one’s personal experiences of hardship, ordeal, or adventure in military combat during war. ~ Dictionary.com Though as a activist, philosopher, educator, and veteran, I speak often of war in theory and in practice, I earnestly strive to avoid telling war stories as traditionally understood. While, on occasion, I may … Continue reading “Why I Tell No War Stories”

A Celebration of Killing and Dying

November 10th is the 242nd birthday of the United State Marine Corps. It is a time of celebration during which current and former Marines acknowledge the storied history and glorious traditions of the branch of the military in which they so proudly served. I, however, am torn. As a former Marine Corps officer with service … Continue reading “A Celebration of Killing and Dying”

Reclaiming Armistice Day: A Day To Perpetuate Peace

Following World War One, up until then the bloodiest and most destructive war in the history of humankind, many of the beleaguered belligerent nations resolved, at least temporarily, that such devastation and tragic loss of life must never happen again. In the United States, on June 4, 1926, Congress passed a concurrent resolution establishing November … Continue reading “Reclaiming Armistice Day: A Day To Perpetuate Peace”

Anticipating the Forthcoming PBS Documentary, ‘The Vietnam War’

Much has been written and many documentaries made about the American War in Vietnam including the highly acclaimed 1983 effort by PBS, Vietnam: A Television History. Though not without its shortcomings, this 13-part documentary series was well crafted, meticulously researched, carefully balanced and thought-provoking. In September 2017, PBS will air the highly anticipated – seemingly … Continue reading “Anticipating the Forthcoming PBS Documentary, ‘The Vietnam War’”