Egyptian Military Prepares a General’s Constitution

A draft constitution set to go before a public referendum next week gives the military more privileges, enshrining its place as Egypt’s most powerful institution and placing it above the state. The new text, set to replace the constitution drawn up in 2012 under Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, has stoked fears that Egypt’s military leadership … Continue reading “Egyptian Military Prepares a General’s Constitution”

Egyptian Hospitals Under Attack as Patients Lose Patience

CAIRO — The emergency room of Mansoura International Hospital is closed, a lock and chain securing its entrance. Ambulances carrying stroke and burn victims are ordered to go elsewhere. Just hours earlier, dozens of people stormed this mid-sized hospital in northern Egypt, carrying a relative injured in a car accident. The group overpowered the military … Continue reading “Egyptian Hospitals Under Attack as Patients Lose Patience”

Military Trials on the Rise After Mubarak

CAIRO — Amr El-Beheiry’s trial in a military court lasted just five minutes. The 33-year-old Egyptian was arrested on Feb. 26 and sentenced without a lawyer present to five years in prison for breaking curfew and assaulting a public official during a demonstration in Cairo. He is just one of thousands of civilians tried in … Continue reading “Military Trials on the Rise After Mubarak”