Fallujah: US Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances

In a series of actions over the weekend, the United States military and Iraqi government destroyed a civilian hospital in a massive air raid, captured the main hospital, and prohibited the use of ambulances in the besieged city of Fallujah. Saturday morning, witnesses in Fallujah reported that an overnight air strike by U.S. fighter crews … Continue reading “Fallujah: US Declares War on Hospitals, Ambulances”

Fallujah Invasion Nears

The intensity of air raids on the central Iraq city of Fallujah continued to crescendo overnight as some 10,000 U.S. Marines prepared for what is expected to be a massive urban assault on the city that has been most resistant to foreign occupation. But as American troops, accompanied by hundreds of Iraqi personnel, get ready … Continue reading “Fallujah Invasion Nears”

US Occupation Shuffling Money Before Flushing It

Even as people throughout Iraq continue to suffer from severe shortages of water, electricity and other crucial services, including the health care resources needed to treat the resulting illnesses, the Bush administration on Wednesday officially proposed to shift money away from the reconstruction effort toward internal security, the oil industry, "economic development" in Iraq’s private … Continue reading “US Occupation Shuffling Money Before Flushing It”

Motive for Baghdad Helicopter Massacre a Mystery

The US military has offered at least two distinct explanations for killing 13 people and wounding at least 60 others, including children, early Monday morning on Haifa Street in a residential area of central Baghdad. What the Army first explained as a routine operation to destroy an abandoned American military vehicle for the safety of … Continue reading “Motive for Baghdad Helicopter Massacre a Mystery”

Fallujah Brigade Disbanded After Joining the Resistance

Three weeks after initially suggesting the U.S.-created "Fallujah Brigade" had long since served its purpose, and one week after a clash between Brigade members and U.S. Marines left four Iraqis dead, American and Iraqi officials announced the official dissolution of the controversial unit Saturday, the LA Times reports. But as U.S. pilots continue to bombard … Continue reading “Fallujah Brigade Disbanded After Joining the Resistance”