Crossing the Border Into Ukraine

Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania – "The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Europe for the first time in almost 80 years amid soaring tension between Russia and the American-led NATO military alliance. The light infantry unit, nicknamed the “Screaming Eagles,” is trained to deploy on any battlefield in the world within hours, ready to … Continue reading “Crossing the Border Into Ukraine”

The Media Finds Its War

On Sunday, October 9, The New York Times published an article entitled "An American in Ukraine Finds the War He’s Been Searching For." It could just as easily be entitled "The Media Finds the War It’s Been Searching For." It is, sadly, a story of the corrupting influence war and profits have on everything, including … Continue reading “The Media Finds Its War”

A No-Nukes Strategy or a No-Win Reality

We have grown numb to the world resting on a razor’s edge of destruction. Climate catastrophe, pandemics, cyberwar and endless wars seem "normal" by now. However, the far more likely way civilization ends in the near future is one that receives shockingly little attention in the media or in our daily conversation. Nuclear war. We … Continue reading “A No-Nukes Strategy or a No-Win Reality”

Canada Enlists in the US Empire

It seems the allure of empire is just too great. For many Americans, Canada is a peaceful, enlightened and progressive country with universal healthcare, affordable education, and what we thought was a slim, noninterventionist military funded by a sensible budget. They have their house in order, we thought. But while the notion of empire may … Continue reading “Canada Enlists in the US Empire”

Bombs in Paradise: Missiles and Munitions Headed to Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The United States Army plans to build an enormous weapons facility storing stockpiles of conventional warheads and explosives right next to the residential housing communities of Ewa Beach, Ewa Villages, West Loch Estates, and Ewa Gentry, as well as beside the Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii. This Pacific island paradise already has the … Continue reading “Bombs in Paradise: Missiles and Munitions Headed to Ewa Beach, Hawaii”