Does Noam Chomsky Hate America?

It’s said that you can judge a man by who his enemies are and what they’re willing to say about him to shut him down. With that in mind, it might be instructive to examine what the political enemies of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Linguistics professor Noam Chomsky have said about him. David Horowitz, reformed … Continue reading “Does Noam Chomsky Hate America?”

Israel Defends Itself

Reading the New York Post Letters page is like smoking opium, without the body high. It seems so surreal, so removed from reality, that I wonder if the letter writers are real people or simply constructs. The Letters from 7 October, “Israel’s Right to Take the War to Damascus”, were the first I’d read in … Continue reading “Israel Defends Itself”

Looking Into Putin’s Soul

So there’s a Presidential election Sunday in Chechnya. Haven’t heard that much about it? Not surprising; it’s not much of a contest, really. As the Radio Netherlands website drolly put it in an article entitled “Soviet-style Polls in Chechnya," “There’s no question that Akhmad Kadyrov will win Sunday’s presidential election in Chechnya. The current head … Continue reading “Looking Into Putin’s Soul”

So Damned UN-pretty

It’s September 23, and I type this during CNBC’s pregame show for Bush’s speech to the UN requesting international cooperation in Iraq. Joe Kernan, resident analyst, recommends that we buy, not hold, such concerns as Lockheed Martin and GlaxoSmithKline; encouraging, if our aim is to profit from death and illness. For his part, the ubiquitous … Continue reading “So Damned UN-pretty”

Homeland Uncertainty: The Price of Losing the Terror War Is Unthinkable

Presidential elections historically are predicated on the answers to questions that can’t be asked in public. Would Reagan have won in 1980 if the Republicans hadn’t cut a deal with Iran to release US hostages only upon his assumption of the Presidency? Why didn’t Clinton, in 2001, simply refuse to abdicate the Presidency rather than … Continue reading “Homeland Uncertainty: The Price of Losing the Terror War Is Unthinkable”

Michael Ledeen, ‘Man Of Peace’

David Frum took issue with this writer’s "Ledeen on the Run" and "Benito Strikes Out" in the September 3 installment of his NRO diary. Seems he objected to my quoting him as saying that Michael Ledeen received $25 million for his tireless working to sell conflict with Iran to the American public, then not recanting … Continue reading “Michael Ledeen, ‘Man Of Peace’”

Losing the War on Terror and the Prostitution of Faith

If even many supporters of a ground invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq are disappointed in how the military action has gone to date, then much of the blame for the disillusionment can be placed on the rhetoric used to sell the use of ground troops. Despite Hussein being, as the President put it, "one of … Continue reading “Losing the War on Terror and the Prostitution of Faith”

Benito Strikes Out

"The struggle against tyranny is our national mission, and it requires revolutionary leaders who fearlessly and tenaciously fight freedom’s enemies wherever and whenever they challenge us and our ideals. It would be one of history’s most bitter ironies if we were to succumb to the counterrevolution." – Michael Ledeen, December 2000 I get a lot … Continue reading “Benito Strikes Out”

Ledeen on the Run

On National Review Online, 8/14/03, Michael Ledeen addresses his apparently controversial dealings with his “old friend Manucher Ghorbanifar.” Nothing quite like seeing Ledeen write from a position of relative weakness, especially given how much face time he has gotten in the last couple of years. Ledeen, who David Frum claims has scored up to $25 … Continue reading “Ledeen on the Run”

Nafisi the Neocon

The smart money argues that, rather than merely contemplating a war with Iran, the United States is actually in the advanced stages of a cold war with the Islamic Republic. Such a hypothesis is borne out by myriad texts, including a late July cover story in the Wall Street Journal. “In Tehran, Boutiques Stock Hot … Continue reading “Nafisi the Neocon”