A Tale of Two Democrats

"I don’t have to get elected to a bloomin’ thing. And I don’t have to do things that are politically correct. The hell with everybody. I’m free at last." – Ernest Hollings, 1992. I‘m going to miss Fritz Hollings, the 81 year old Senator [D-SC] who announced on August 3 that he won’t stand for … Continue reading “A Tale of Two Democrats”

Warmongers of the Congressional Black Caucus

In 2002, this writer went on record predicting US military action in West Africa. Rumsfeld had just said that Al-Qaeda had operations in 60 countries, and that the US maintained prerogative to go into those potentially failed states and strike blows for American values. And Assistant Secretary of State Walter Kansteiner was quoted last summer … Continue reading “Warmongers of the Congressional Black Caucus”

Blair’s Bloviations in Washington

"I know its hard on America. And in some small corner of this vast country in Nevada or Idaho, these places I’ve never been but always wanted to go, there’s a guy getting on with his life, perfectly happily, minding his own business, saying to you the political leaders of this nation: why me? Why … Continue reading “Blair’s Bloviations in Washington”

Is Iraq Hell on Earth?

Eric Holt is a 28 year old Reserve Infantryman from New York State. Standing guard outside Baghdad’s Republican Palace the other day, he told a reporter from the London Independent his thoughts on the recent cakewalk: "We didn’t win this war, not at all. I don’t know what I’m doing here and I don’t like … Continue reading “Is Iraq Hell on Earth?”

Howard Dean? Antiwar!?

Only in 2003 could a 5’8" politician named Howard be considered a favorite for a major party’s Presidential nomination. Yet that is exactly what has happened with former Vermont Governor Dean. His supporters point to his strong showing in the recent "MoveOn.Org Presidential Preference Primary" as well as to the surprising strength in his campaign’s … Continue reading “Howard Dean? Antiwar!?”

Court Historians, Then and Now

According to Amazon.com, everything Foster Rhea Dulles wrote is out of print. That said, the writing of Mr. Dulles is worthy of our attention, both because of his family ties and because, as in his America’s Rise to World Power (1955, Harper Collins), Dulles builds a neat, authoritative case, debunking the avoidance of foreign entanglements … Continue reading “Court Historians, Then and Now”

Democratic Revolution – It’s What’s for Dinner

Under the headline "Mail Is Chronically Late In Iraq", on the 6/24 "O’Reilly Factor", Colonel Mark Storer inadvertently exposed the logic underlying the current military adventure in Iraq. Specifically, he referred to Iraq as a "theater" in the overall Operation Iraqi Freedom. Chickenhawk O’Reilly, of course, lacked the pluck to ask the Colonel what the … Continue reading “Democratic Revolution – It’s What’s for Dinner”

An Evening with Ann Coulter

On the evening of June 3, 2003, conservative pundit Ann Coulter came to Jacksonville to address the Ponte Vedra Federated Republican Women’s Club as part of a book tour in support of her latest, Treason. Without exception, the audience was comprised of serious local Republicans. Eminence Grise and State Representative Don Davis introduced Coulter, and … Continue reading “An Evening with Ann Coulter”

Gameplanning: Team AIPAC’s 2002 Season

A couple of interesting tidbits appear on the "new this week" section on the website of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee: "Take Action! Urge Bush to Approve $200 Million to Israel… A $29 billion homeland security bill that recently passed in Congress with strong bi-partisan support includes $200 million in anti-terror aid for Israel. … Continue reading “Gameplanning: Team AIPAC’s 2002 Season”