Chemical Casualties Rise in Mosul; 41 Killed in Iraq

Minister of Migration and Displacement Jassim Mohammed al-Jaff criticized United Nations’ efforts in assisting civilians displaced by the fighting in Mosul. Over 50,000 people have fled western neighborhoods since fighting resumed on February 19, and the displacement camps are filling up rapidly.

Brigadier General Rick Uribe, a deputy commanding general for coalition land forces, said on Saturday that Iraqi forces are progressing well during operations in western Mosul.

At least 41 were killed and 40 more were wounded or sickened:

The number of casualties among Sinjar Protection Units (YBS) and Women’s Protection Units (YJS) after fighting in Khana Sor yesterday was revised. The number of Y.B.S. fighters killed has risen by six dead to a total of seven fighters. The number of injured rose by 17 to a total of 20 wounded.

In Mosul, the number of civilians affected by chemical agents rose by 18 people to a total of 30 sickened. Militants executed nine people. Airstrikes killed seven militant leaders. Federal police killed 10 militants in Dawasa.

Militants executed seven families in Nabi Sheth. They were captured while trying to flee Tal al-Rayan. The exact number of dead was not reported.

A bomb in Garaw killed one policeman and wounded another.

In Mussayab, four militiamen were wounded in a blast.

Several militants were killed in a failed attack in Rutba.

In Hawija, resistance forces killed a militant.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.