War Party Hates Putin – Loves al-Qaeda

In both Yemen and Syria, the War Party has found an ally that they can get behind, you know, one that really supports our values: al-Qaeda. From time to time they have even managed to get President Trump to go along with this nonsense – presumably due to the baleful influence of John Bolton. (See … Continue reading “War Party Hates Putin – Loves al-Qaeda”

Antiwar.com vs. the Decline of American Journalism

The more things change, the more they stay the same: the sun comes up in the morning; another Hitler arises in the fantasies of the foreign-policy establishment; and Josh Rogin writes another column attacking Tusli Gabbard, the most pro-peace candidate in the Democratic lineup. Justin blasted Rogin the first time he tried this, back in … Continue reading “Antiwar.com vs. the Decline of American Journalism”

Libertarianism In One Country

Wednesday’s testimony by Robert Mueller was devastating to the Russia Hoax, as everyone seems to accept, except for a few die-hard Never Trumpers such as Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg. But it also should remind us of what could have been the consequences of this CIA and FBI orchestrated coup attempt, namely, war with a … Continue reading “Libertarianism In One Country”

China and the New Cold War

The burst of good old-fashioned "isolationism" on the Right that followed the implosion of Communism and the end of the Cold War is in danger of sputtering to an abrupt halt. From Pat Buchanan to Gary Bauer to the congressional Republican leadership, just about every political leader and ideologue of a conservative hue has been … Continue reading “China and the New Cold War”