All Hail the Liberators

We were bound to see it eventually. And there they were: TV pictures of jubilant Iraqis welcoming American troops – cheering them, kissing them, throwing roses at them. After all, what’s a war without triumphant liberators? Almost every war ends with the conquerors being cheered by the conquered people. It’s happened in Afghanistan three times … Continue reading “All Hail the Liberators”

Iraq: ‘A War Waiting for a Pretext’

For about a year, we’ve been hearing how intensely George W. Bush wants to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Mr. Bush has made all sorts of accusations against Hussein, but offered no public evidence to support his assertions. Finally, this past Monday evening we were to hear the full case for going to war against … Continue reading “Iraq: ‘A War Waiting for a Pretext’”

How to Destroy America in One Easy Lesson

President Bush now seems hell-bent on a plan that could easily lead to a nuclear strike against America – a strike that could cause a disaster many times worse than the World Trade Center attack. Over and over Mr. Bush has said he’ll do whatever is necessary to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq. (“I’ve made … Continue reading “How to Destroy America in One Easy Lesson”

Welcome to the War on Terrorism, Comrade

You wanted our government to strike back at the terrorists by bombing Afghanistan, right? You cheered when President Bush stood tall and said, “Let’s roll!” And you applauded when he said he will root out the evil-doers everywhere in the world. And when innocent Afghans were killed, you said there’s bound to be “collateral damage” … Continue reading “Welcome to the War on Terrorism, Comrade”