He Kept Us Out of War

There is no escaping it. If we can scrape away all the hypocrisy and cant about the man, there is only one candidate worthy of the next Nobel Prize. This is not being suggested because he has done something for a lasting world peace. Rather he has helped our nation avoid two stupid wars, one […]

Police Militarization Is a Consequence of Policing the World

The outcry against police militarization is finally producing echoes in the halls of congress, and long-overdue restrictions on the Department of Homeland Security’s 1033 program seem inevitable. However, this practical step only scratches the surface. Few have dared ask the much more uncomfortable question: why have a shockingly high number of American police departments felt […]

Richard Epstein’s Faulty Case for Intervention

My Hoover Institution colleague Richard Epstein recently argued ("Rand Paul’s Fatal Pacifism," Defining Ideas, September 2) for an interventionist foreign policy. Although his attack is on Senator Rand Paul, it is much broader than that. He claims that libertarians are “clueless on the ISIS threat” and that “libertarians often have the illusion of certainty.” I’m […]

178 Killed, 95 Wounded in Numerous Attacks, Clashes Across Iraq

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a plan to arm Syrian rebels to fight against Islamic State. The rebels could draw some of the militants back into Syria from Iraq. Meanwhile, at least 178 were killed across Iraq, and another 95 were wounded.

The McKeon Amendment – A Lend-Lease Act for Terrorists

Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-California, has done President Obama’s dirty work for him by submitting an amendment to the bill that allows the government to continue functioning which would authorize and fund the training of Syrian rebels by the US military – a key part of Obama’s vague plan to go after the Islamic State […]

Shi’ite Militias Reject PM Ministry Picks; 67 Killed Across Iraq

At least 67 people were killed across Iraq today, and another 44 were wounded. Peshmerga troops liberated several villages in the north, while Iraqi airstrikes helped residents in Diyala.

Obama’s Hazy Plan To Fight ISIS Is Unlikely To Succeed

Although President Obama insists that no American military "boots on the ground" will be used to degrade and defeat the radical Islamist group Islamic State (IS) – which is well funded and has captured much heavy military equipment from the Syrian military and U.S. trained and equipped Iraqi army and Kurdish peshmerga militias – that […]

As Diplomats Discuss Iraq, 86 Are Killed across Country

Diplomats from 30 countries met in Paris today to discuss the Islamic State situation in Iraq. The Kurdish Peshmerga Ministry held its own meeting with representatives from seven countries. Attacks and battles left at least 86 dead and 22 wounded.

A Note to My Readers

I’m working on a special project this week so no column today: more about the project later. I’ll be back at my regular stand on Wednesday, so please watch this space. NOTES IN THE MARGIN You can check out my Twitter feed by going here. But please note that my tweets are sometimes deliberately provocative, […]

DOJ Demands Immunity for Anti-Iran Group UANI

The U.S. Department of Justice asked a federal judge on Friday to throw out a lawsuit against the American Coalition Against Nuclear Iran, Inc., more popularly known as United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI). Greek shipping magnate Victor Restis sued UANI last year claiming the group’s false public allegations he aided Iran’s nuclear program had […]