Wrestling With Iran

In Iran, wrestling commands the same level of public interest as football in the United States. This is no passing fad. Wrestling is intimately entwined with the history and culture of the country, going back to the legendary matches that Persian kings conducted with their rivals. It’s also a matter of national pride. At the […]

Next Onslaught in Gaza: Why the Status Quo Is a Precursor for War

It is not true that only three wars have taken place since Hamas won parliamentary elections in 2006 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Other wars that were deemed insignificant or "skirmishes" also took place. Operation Returning Echo in March 2012, for example, killed and wounded over 100 people. But since the death toll, relative to […]

Obama Intensifies Wars and Threats

The Obama Administration is expanding its military power and threats against Russia and China as well as increasing its war efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria while preparing to restart Washington’s old war in Libya. Most of this has been revealed in the first six weeks of the 2016 election year and President Barack Obama’s […]

96 Killed Across Iraq as Fighting Shifts West of Ramadi

Fighting shifted to the west of Ramadi a day after the eastern suburbs were cleared of ISIS fighters. At least 96 people were killed across the country.

End, Don’t Extend, Draft Registration

This past week demonstrated with blinding clarity that 1) Republicans, contrary to their rhetoric, oppose individual liberty, and 2) the establishment news media really couldn’t care less about the presidential candidates’ views. After the last Republican debate, the media continued its obsession with the reality-TV and horse-race sides of the election. News readers, correspondents, and […]

The Cold War on the Gray Zone

“But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”— Revelation 3:16 To understand the specific function of the Terror War is to also comprehend its predecessor and analogue: the Cold War. As Murray Rothbard wrote in 1990: “A goal that can never be reached but can […]

New Hampshire: The Triumph of Populism

The results of the New Hampshire primary are in, and the big winner is the new populism: that mysterious pro-“outsider” phenomenon that has the political class in a panic, and which no one has adequately defined – including its current practitioners. Donald Trump’s vote total of nearly 35 percent is impressive enough, but his two-to-one […]

Security Forces Finish Securing Ramadi; 285 Killed in Iraq

At least 285 people were killed in Iraq, not including dozens of militants who died in the final stages of the recapture of Ramadi.

US Policy Adapts to Russian-Backed Syrian Gains

The major developments on the Syrian battlefield in recent months have brought a corresponding shift in the Obama administration’s Syrian policy. Since the Russian military intervention in Syria upended the military balance created by the victories of the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front and its allies last year, the Obama administration has quietly retreated from its […]

In the 2016 Campaign, US Foreign Policy Establishment Not Faring Well Either

After months of reality-show media coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign, the voting process is thankfully starting. As the voters begin to speak, perhaps the coverage will have more actual reality in it. In recent years, it is no secret that media coverage of elections virtually ignores where the candidates stand on major issues, in […]