Federal Agencies Just Doing Whatever They Want Now

On October 26, The New York Times published an article on the close ties between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and ex-Nazis after World War II. This wasn’t news, except for the fact that there were more Nazis poached by the CIA and other intelligence services, then brought to the US, and protected from prosecution […]

ISIS Executes Dozens; 350 Killed Across Iraq

Across Iraq on Wednesday at least 350 people were killed. Most of them were Islamic State militants, but the militants also executed several dozen men in Anbar province. At least 67 were wounded in bombings and shelling.

Fighting for Survival in the Sinai

Sinai is both heaven and hell. This triangular desert boasts an arid landscape of hopeless horizons often interrupted by leftover military hardware from previous wars. The land is comprised of breathtaking beaches, incredible history, and a fusion of fascinating cultures that reach back into the past as far as ancient times can possibly go. This […]

Resolving Key Nuclear Issue Turns on Iran-Russia Deal

U.S. and Iranian negotiators are working on a compromise approach to the issue of Iran’s uranium enrichment capabilities, which the Barack Obama administration has said in the past Iran was refusing to make concessions on. The compromise now being seriously discussed would meet the Obama administration’s original requirement for limiting Iran’s “breakout capability” by a […]

Putin’s Complaint

The idea that the United States must exercise "global leadership" is rationalized by our interventionists as a necessary prerequisite for maintaining some type of "world order." Who will guard the sea lanes? Who will deter "aggression"? Who will defend the "rules" against those "rogue states" just waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc, if not […]

Battles Continue Near Iraq Capital; 162 Killed

At least 160 people were killed. All of them except for two civilians were militants. Eighteen militants were also wounded.

Public Unease Over Remote Threats

The breathless news coverage of the minuscule number of people in the United States that have so far contracted the Ebola virus has led to a typical irrational response in some quarters. For example, schools have been closed, and the public and thus some politicians support a travel ban of people from the affected West […]

Terrorism and ‘The True Believer’

“A mass movement,” wrote Eric Hoffer in The True Believer, “appeals not to those intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but to those who crave to be rid of an unwanted self. “Their innermost craving is for a new life – a rebirth – or, failing this, a chance to acquire new elements […]

Bombers Attack Civilian and Security Targets Across Iraq, 317 Killed

Bombers attacked both security and civilian targets today in three towns across Iraq. At least 317 people were killed, mostly militants. Another 145 were wounded, about half of them security members.

‘We Can’t Have Perpetual War': The Realism of Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul is everywhere: campaigning for Republican candidates during the crucial midterm elections, on Fox News explaining to Hannity why going into Iraq with ground troops is a mistake, teaming up with Cory Booker to call for reform of federal sentencing guidelines – and, as Olivia Nuzzi points out, the media is scrutinizing his […]