Sterling Prosecution Long on Rhetoric, Short on Evidence

To hear the prosecution side tell it in the ongoing trial of Jeffrey Sterling, the former CIA officer who is accused of a national security leak involving Iran, Sterling has potentially (emphasis on potentially): placed a CIA “asset” at risk; hurt recruitment of other defectors, informants and turncoats; scared other current “assets” into having second […]

The Eternal Recurrence of Interventionism

In response to each terrorist attack or foreign provocation, the depressingly familiar tone of the loudest voices in government and media has noninterventionist activists in despair, wondering just what they are doing wrong when making their case against the rush to war. That tone, the reflexive pro-interventionist agitation for counterattacks and broad military campaigns, is […]

‘Operation Merlin': Another Self-Serving CIA Project

The jury is still out in the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling for allegedly having leaked the story of “Operation Merlin” – the covert CIA effort to lure Iran into working on phony plans for a key component of a nuclear weapon – to New York Times reporter James Risen. But “Operation Merlin” […]

82 Killed in Iraq; Peshmerga Shell Central Mosul

Iraq and Iran exchanged the remains of 137 military personnel who were killed during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. At least 82 were killed in recent fighting and attack, while another 41 were wounded.

The Great Iran Debate

The stage is set, the actors have committed their lines to memory, and the curtain is now rising: the Great Iran Debate is on! It’s a war story, as so many of our national narratives are these days, one pitting the President of the United States – and the overwhelming majority of Americans – against […]

Against Terrorism – But for What?

Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that France “is at war with terrorism, jihadism and radical Islamism.” This tells us what France is fighting against. But what is France fighting for in this war on terror? For terrorism is simply a tactic, and arguably the most effective tactic of the national […]

Washington’s Walking Dead

Originally posted at TomDispatch. When it comes to the national security state, our capital has become a thought-free zone. The airlessness of the place, the unwillingness of leading players in the corridors of power to explore new ways of approaching crucial problems is right there in plain sight, yet remarkably unnoticed. Consider this the Tao […]

118 Killed in Iraq, Tribal Fighters Threaten To Quit Battle in Anbar

At least 118 people were killed and 64 more were wounded.

Who Will Keep Our Freedoms Safe?

While the Western world was watching and grieving over the slaughter in Paris last week, and my colleagues in the media were fomenting a meaningless debate about whether President Obama should have gone to Paris to participate in a televised parade, the feds took advantage of that diversion to reveal even more incursions into our […]

The Unquestioned, Ignored, Heroic Military

What with its title, "The Tragic Decline of the American Military", Atlantic Monthly’s January-February cover story at first blush appears to be a thoughtless pro-military screed. But in spite of that headline, and the cover asking "Why Does The Best Military in the World Keep Losing?" it isn’t a bad piece at all. Author James […]