British Advisers Arrive in Anbar; 124 Killed in Iraq

Forty new military advisers from the United Kingdom have arrived at the Ain al-Asad base in Anbar province.

Over 300 civilians were prevented from leaving the Hawija area and are now being used as human shields.

In Arizona, Capt. Noor Faleh Rassan Al-Khazali killed when the F-16 jet he was training on crashed. The plane belongs to the Iraqi Air Force.

At least 124 people were killed and 18 more were wounded in recent violence:

A mass grave containing the bodies of three Peshmerga fighters was found in Kaske, but their recovery has been postponed due to militant activity in the area. It is believed that the trio was killed in 2014.

In Taji, a bomb near a store killed one person and wounded two others.

An army soldier was killed and three more were wounded in a blast in Yathrib.

Gunmen in Qayara killed a man and wounded his son.

A bomb at a soccer field wounded five people in Abu Ghraib.

Two Peshmerga were wounded in a bombing in Jalawla.

In Mahmoudiya, five people were wounded by a blast.

As many as 85 militants were killed during airstrikes near the Syrian border.

Seventeen militants were killed in Ayadiya.

An airstrike on Qaim left 10 militants dead.

In Nami, security forces killed five militants.

A militant was killed in Balad.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.