Bomber Strikes in South Baghdad; 201 Killed Across Iraq

During a U.S. congressional hearing on Wednesday, General Joseph Votel revealed casualty estimates for Iraqi forces in the Battle for Mosul. So far, recent operations in western Mosul have left 284 Iraqi personnel dead and over 1,600 wounded. The earlier fighting in eastern Mosul, which is now liberated, left 490 personnel dead and 3,000 wounded. Presumably for moral purposes, the Iraqi government has been tight-lipped about casualties, military or civilian, in the Mosul Theater.

The World Health Organization set up a field hospital in Athba.

At least 201 were killed and 81 were wounded in the latest violence:

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber at a checkpoint killed 17 people and wounded 60 more; three policemen were among the dead. Three civilians were wounded by a bomb in Shabb.

In Mosul, shelling left seven civilians dead and 11 wounded in the Ageedat, Bab al-Hadeed, and Bab Lakish neighborhoods. Three children were killed and five others were wounded in a mortar attack on Jazair. A civilian was shot dead. Fighting in Yarmouk left nine soldiers and 32 militants dead. Strikes left 54 militants dead. Security forces killed 22 militants. The Daesh health minister was shot dead.

An armed attack in Yusufiya left a militiaman dead and two more wounded.

Thirty militants were killed in a failed attack on Qamishliya.

Airstrikes in Salah ad Din killed 20 militants.

Four militants were killed, including a judge, in a strike on Tal Afar.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.