Civilian Casualties Undercounted in Mosul; 185 Killed in Iraq

Baghdad has been keeping a lid on the number of casualties produced by operations in and around Mosul; however, information is leaked occasionally. One military physician claims that he and his colleagues treat between 25 and 200 civilian wounded every day. While there is no way to confirm this, reporters do see civilian casualties arrive in area facilities. Separately, an Iraqi officer said there were over 200 casualties in the Tal Afar area over the last two days.

Airstrikes on Mosul destroyed the southernmost bridge that was still in operation across the Tigris River. ISIS/Daesh was using the bridge to resupply forces in eastern districts.

A Kurdish source claimed that a U.S. special operation was undertaken in Baaj, where four Daesh commanders were captured.

Although the OPEC cartel is looking to cut production in order to boost oil prices, Iraq says a budget shortfall created by the war with the Islamic State militants is preventing the country from reducing production.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that 68,112 people are displaced as of Tuesday. This figure is slightly lower than in recent days, suggesting that some residents may be returning to their homes. The Danish Refugee Council warns that those civilians still require aid. Although the numbers may have dropped, this does not mean that people aren’t still being driven from their homes.

Up to 4,000 civilians were displaced in Tal Afar where shelling between Daesh and Shi’ite militias has been reported.

Turkish warplanes launched strikes on suspected Kurdistan Workers Party targets in Zab.

At least 185 were killed and eight were wounded:

In Mosul, shelling left about 50 civilians dead. Militants executed 15 soldiers. Twelve policemen were also executed. Police killed 10 militants in Adhba. Twelve militants were killed near the waterfalls. Strikes left 17 militants dead.

Two car bombs in Moharibeen left 14 dead and eight wounded.

In Bashiqa, explosives left behind by Daesh killed a member of the local council when he went to check on his home. A soldier was killed on November 17 due to a bomb that had gone undiscovered during a clearing operation.

A sniper killed a Peshmerga fighter in Daquq.

Airstrikes left 25 Daesh dead in Athbos, Hammam al-Alil, and Kanaos.

Fifteen militants were killed near the Tal Afar airport.

An airstrike near Tal Afar in Abu Maria village left six militants dead, including a military official.

Near Erbil, four militants were killed.

At least two militants were killed in Omar Khan.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.