255 Killed in Iraq; Baghdad Bombed

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that 300 Daesh child soldiers were killed in Mosul operations. They believe the children were brought to Mosul from Syria. It is unclear if these deaths have already been counted in official figures.

The first Christian mass in two years was held on Sunday in the Christian village of Qaraqosh, which is also known as Hamdaniya. However, many Christians doubt they will ever return to their homes.

The village of Ali Rash was liberated. Kanona and Rozbian were also freed, as were about 11 villages west of Mosul, including Amrini, Ayin Al-Baiyza, Jarn, Mad Al-Dibaj, Mistanqa’ al-Thanya, Qariya Al-Shik, Salmani, and Zarka. Also freed were Faziliya, Kani Shirin, Khadheir, Kevrok, Khrab Bet, and Qabr Esaaq.

Militants have trapped 7,000 civilians in Anah.

At least 255 people were killed and 60 were wounded:

In Baghdad, a car bomb at a produce market in the Hurriya district killed eight and wounded 34 more. At least seven were killed and 26 were wounded by blasts in Sadr City and the Shabb, Tobchi and Zataria neighborhoods. Two teenagers were shot dead in Sadr City purportedly for exhibiting “emo style” dress.

In Mosul, nine prisoners were executed. Nineveh Hospital reports having received the bodies of 134 militants.

A bomb in Adhaim killed two refugees.

Militants executed 50 of their own on treason charges at the Ghazlani Camp.

Clashes in Tal Keif left 20 militants dead.

Strikes left 15 militants dead near Qaraqosh and Shura.

Near Hawija, a strike killed a wali and seven bodyguards.

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Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.