Suicide Attacks on Soldiers in Anbar; 185 Killed in Iraq

Responding to Saturday’s death of a U.S. Marine in Iraq, the United States announced it will expand the number of troops already stationed in Iraq. The Marine was killed during an attack on a firebase that had only become operational in the last few days. The base’s existence had yet to be announced to the public.

Islamic State militants have apparently set their sights on the Kaka’i religious minority group.

The Jalawla District Council announced the return of 251 displaced families to the city.

Two Turkish soldiers were reported killed in an attack on Camp Zhelkan.

As well as the Turkish soldiers, at least 183 were killed, and another 18 were wounded:

Suicide attacks on Haqlaniya, left 24 security members dead and 12 wounded. At least three militants were killed.

Shelling at Camp Zhelkan left five security members and two Turkish soldiers dead. Another four security members were wounded.

A civilian was shot down in Sadr City.

Unidentified aircraft bombed Jurf al-Sakhar and wounded two servicemembers.

Thirty militants were killed during operations in Khalidiya.

In Haditha, 25 militants were killed.

Airstrikes on Mosul left 23 militants dead.

Security forces killed 20 militants in Baiji.

Fifteen militants were killed in Hawija, and dozens more were wounded.

In Makhmour, 19 militants were killed.

A dozen militants were killed at the Alas and Ajil oil fields, including a prince.

An airstrike on Qayara destroyed a weapons depot, killing six militants.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.