178 Killed in Iraq, Including Islamic State Officials

Islamic State spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, was severely wounded during fighting in the Barwana region this week. Shi’ite militiamen, however, say Adnani was killed, along with a minister of war, during an operation in Hadisah. Adnani is, or was, one of the top men in the Islamic State.

About 500 displaced families returned to their homes in Saidiya, Diyala province, months after Daesh was kicked out of the area. Besides leftover explosives, the families had to contend with Shi’ite militiamen who refused to leave after the fighting stopped.

At least 178 were killed and 21 were wounded:

In Mosul, militants executed six people for using the Internet. Sixteen military officers were also killed.

A sniper killed one soldier and wounded another in Tarmiya.

Strikes left 31 militants dead in Kazakh.

Airstrikes on Sharqat left 30 militants dead.

Near Sinjar, air strikes killed 18 militants and wounded nine more.

Security forces killed 18 militants in Barwana.

Fifteen militants were killed during strike on Tal Afar.

Twelve militants were killed in Falluja.

In Tamarat and Haranh, nine militants were killed and seven were wounded.

An operation in Garma left nine militants dead and four wounded.

In Ramadi, seven suicide bombers were killed as forces reached the general hospital.

Six militants were killed during a round of shelling on Ba’Shiqah.

Tens of militants were killed in Samarra.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.