3,974 Killed in Iraq during September

Antiwar.com found that at least 647 civilians and security personnel were killed across Iraq during September. Another 736 were wounded. Militants lost 3,195 personnel, while 397 of them were known wounded. Adding these brings the preliminary figures to 3,842 killed and 1,133 wounded in the last month. As more figures are released tomorrow, these will be revised. These figures do not include any casualties related to airstrikes on the Kurdistan Workers Party.

The casualty figures released by the United Nations reached 537 dead and 925 wounded civilians. Security forces lost 242 members and another 291 were wounded. After combining the figures, the totals are 3,974 dead and 1,613 wounded.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, sixteen Turkish kidnapping victims were freed and immediately flown home to Turkey. On Sept. 2, a previously unknown militant group had kidnapped 18 men and released a list of political demands. Two of the abductees were freed two weeks ago. It is unclear which demands, if any, were satisfied.

Over 500 people have now been sickened by cholera across Iraq. Reports that several of the patients died have been retracted.

At least 181 were killed and 69 were wounded:

Kurdish Peshmerga forces staged a major operation that liberated a number of towns and villages in the Kirkuk area. At least 16 Peshmerga were killed and 32 were wounded. At least 40 militants were killed. Militants beheaded seven Peshmerga fighters in what may have been retaliation for this operation.

Thirteen security members were killed when three suicide bombers in Jeraishi interrupted a convoy of troops traveling towards Ramadi. Many more were wounded. Clashes and airstrikes followed. A fourth bomber was killed.

Mortar fire and clashes in Annaz left three soldiers dead and seven wounded.

Two soldiers were killed and five were wounded when mortars struck southeast of Falluja. Fifteen militants were killed in an airstrike.

A mortar attack on Khalidiya left one policeman dead and four others wounded.

In Baghdad, an explosion near a Hurriya pastry shop left two wounded.

Three militiamen were wounded trying to dismantle a roadside bomb in Jurf al-Sakhar.

In Mosul, airstrikes left 29 civilians dead and at least 16 wounded. Strikes also killed 15 militants. Eight more militants were killed in other bombings.

Airstrikes killed eight militants in Albu Bali.

Twenty militants were killed in Jazira.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar.com since 2006.