Christians Gear Up To Fight ISIS; 59 Killed across Iraq

A series of bombing rattled Baghdad on Tuesday. At least 59 people were killed across the country. Another 56 were wounded.

More than 2,000 Christian men have signed up to train for a new Christian militia, but it is unclear if there is enough money to train all of them. About 30,000 Christians were displaced by the Islamic State militants when they invaded last summer. Many of the Christian they are ready to fight back. On Tuesday, militants blew up a church in Mosul. Yesterday, a Christian cleric was killed.

In Baghdad, a series of explosions on Wathiq Square killed five people and wounded 15 more. A blast in the Naba district killed three people and wounded ten more. Three people were killed and eight were wounded by a bomb in Talibiya. In Nahrawan, two people were killed and seven were wounded by a blast. A body was found in Yusufiya. Gunmen killed a civilian. Another body was found in Abu Dsheer.

Heavy artillery fire in Falluja left seven dead, including a child, and 12 wounded. Ten militants were killed in clashes.

Three civilians were killed in Tikrit.

At the Khabbaz oil field, a bomb killed one Peshmerga member and wounded another.

In Ramadi, three employees were wounded when mortars struck a water plant.

Airstrikes in Mosul left nine militants dead.

In Dujail, six militants were killed.

A roadside bomb killed four militants in Qayara.

Three suicide bombers near Kirkuk killed themselves after being surrounded.

Many militants were killed in Samarra.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.