US Helicopters Join Iraq Strikes; 197 Killed Across Country

Few civilians were killed or wounded on Sunday. Most of the casualties took place in fighting or airstrikes. At least 197 were killed and 81 were wounded.

Analysts are pointing out that the coalition air campaign may have only slowed the Islamic State, but it is not netting major gains for Iraq. This comes as U.S. forces began using low-flying helicopters in the air campaign.

In Mosul, 14 civilians were executed, while a number of young people were arrested. Four militants were killed in an airstrike.

Eleven soldiers and seven tribal fighters were killed in clashes at Kubaisa.

In Samarra, an I.E.D. wounded three civilians.

A roadside bomb injured two policemen in Jurf al-Sakhar.

At unspecified locations in Anbar province, six soldiers were executed. Security forces killed 21 militants and wounded 16 others. Four leaders were killed.

Despite the Iraqi army’s declaration two days ago that Duluiya had been cleared of militants, fresh clashes left 45 militants dead and 60 wounded.

At least 30 militants were killed in an airstrike near Ramadi.

Security forces killed 28 militants in the Hamrin region.

Security forces killed eight militants attacking Tikrit University.

In Garma, two militants were killed.

Security forces killed a suicide bomber before he could reach their checkpoint in Jalawla.

At least 14 militants were killed during airstrikes in Baiji.

Two militants were killed in Albu Assaf.

Many militants were killed in a failed attack on Haditha.

In Jurf al-Sakhar, U.S. airstrikes took place.

Militants blew up several locations in Hit to strengthen their positions.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.