Baghdad Surburb of Abu Ghraib Falls to ISIS; 228 Killed Across Iraq

Muslims began to celebrate Aid al-Adha, but the fighting continued. At least 228 were killed across Iraq, and another 99 were wounded. Also, the Baghdad suburb of Abu Ghraib apparently is now in the hands of the Islamic State.

ISIS/DAASH militants appear to be in complete control of Abu Ghraib, which is just minutes from Baghdad. Soldiers are said to be unable to leave their bases to go on patrols. This brings the capital within artillery range, particularly the international airport.

Two civilians were killed and six more were wounded as militants took over the Anbar province village of Kubaisa. A witness said the militants arrived among refugees from Hit and killed the soldiers guarding the city at a checkpoint. At least nine soldiers were killed.

In Baiji, a suicide bomber killed 12 civilians and wounded 24 more.

Militants killed four and wounded 14 more in an attack against a security checkpoint in Mansouriya.

Militants in Baquba killed 11 soldiers.

At least three soldiers were killed in an ambush in Muqdadiya.

A bomb targeting a military convoy in Tarmiya killed seven people, including civilians, and wounded 18 more.

In Falluja, shelling left four civilians dead and 11 wounded.

Two soldiers and two tribal fighters were killed in a clash near Hit. At least 22 militants were killed.

Security forces regained Sheikh Amer and Banat al-Hassan in Baghdad province and 30 villages in Diyala. Peshmerga forces also liberated a village in the Jalawla area.

In Diyala province and near Kirkuk, military operations left 59 militants dead and 15 wounded.

Thirty militants were killed in Anbar province. Another 23 were killed in Falluja.

In Qadisiya, 15 militants were killed.

Fifteen militants were killed near Duluiya.

In Mosul, five militants were killed.

Airstrikes killed many militants in Ramadi.

Two militants were killed in Kharbana.

In Garma, security forces killed dozens of militants.

Fierce clashes took place on a road between Falluja and Baghdad.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.