At Least 246 killed across Iraq As Battles Rage near Baghdad

Only 17 non-militant deaths were reported today and no wounded, but that is an unlikely number, because there was heavy fighting just west of Baghdad. An unconfirmed report suggests that a thousand soldiers may have been killed in that operation alone. At least 229 militants were killed in other battles and airstrikes and 33 more were wounded.

Turkish tanks have positioned themselves along the Syrian border near KobanĂȘ, while police are preventing Kurds from streaming back across the border to fight the Islamic State militants approaching the city. Although 80 percent of residents have fled, those that remain have to contend with diminishing supplies and dirty water. Near Sinjar, witnesses say they are seeing many militants traveling towards Syria, probably to join in the battle.

Amiriyat al-Falluja is said to be clear of militants now that Iraq forces have stopped the advance there, but it is caught between Falluja and Jurf al-Sakhar, so it is unclear how long this calm will last. A standoff on the road north is reported, while militants have a stronghold to the south. Canon Andrew White, the vicar at St. George’s Church in nearby Baghdad, reportedly said that 1,000 soldiers were killed during the offensive. That has not been confirmed, but the Iraqi government has been reluctant to admit how many soldiers and volunteers are actually dying.

Another army base is reporting a desperate need of help just days after nearby bases were overtaken and many soldiers were killed or kidnapped. This one is in Albu Bath, and 240 soldiers are stationed there.

Seven decapitation victims were found in Riyadh.

In Tikrit, five policemen shot execution style were found.

Two Yazidi fighters were killed in a clash at an ISIS outpost near Sinjar that also left seven militants dead.

In Jurf al-Sakhar, three volunteer fighters were killed in a clash. Airstrikes killed 35 militants and wounded 20 more.

Peshmerga forces killed a militant leader and 12 colleagues near Mosul. The man had a long history of militant behavior and opposed his fellow Kurds when ISIS/DAASH took over Mosul. 13

Security force killed 100 militants during operations near the Hamrin Dam.

In Mosul, airstrikes killed 33 militants in the Hermat region.

Ten militants were killed in Snune.

Airstrikes in Baiji killed 10 militants.

In Ramadi, a militant leader and six aides were killed. An emir was killed in an ambush.

Five militants were killed and eight were wounded in a bombing at a Jalawla hospital.

Tribal fighters in Rashad somehow blew up a vehicle, killing two gunmen and wounding four more.

A roadside bomb in Ana killed two militants and wounded one more.

Two militants were killed in Qara Tapa.

A militant and his son were killed in a roadside blast near Muqdadiya.

In Daquq, airstrikes killed many militants.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.