ISIS Releases Beheading Video As 161 Are Killed Across Iraq

The Islamic State executed several people in Mosul, but they also suffered losses there and across Iraq. Overall, at least 161 people were killed and 53 were wounded.

A video has surfaced supposedly showing Islamic State militants beheading a Peshmerga member in Mosul. Fourteen other alleged Peshmerga members in the video, all dressed in prison garb called on Kurdistan to end their connections with U.S. forces. Militants executed seven other people. Also, three militants were killed.

Retreating militants set fire to three oil wells in the Ain Zalah fields.

In Falluja, four people were killed and 21 were wounded in yet another round of artillery fire.

Four guards were killed at Hilla hospital. The gunmen freed a prisoner who had suffered a heart attack.

A sticky bomb killed a university dead and wounded three other people in Ramadi.

A roadside bomb targeting a Peshmerga unit in Kirkuk exploded, killing one and wounded five.

An unidentified body was found in Baghdad.

In Qadisiya, a roadside bomb wounded five civilians.

Gunmen wounded a bodyguard working for a P.U.K. official while they were traveling near Khassat Dazle.

Sixty militants were killed and 10 more were wounded as security forces fought to regain villages in the al-Safra area.

In Baiji, 24 militants were killed.

More than 30 militants were killed in Garma.

Twelve militants were killed in Jurf al-Sakhar.

In Duluiya, clashes left seven militants dead and eight more wounded.

An airstrike in Zammar killed six militants.

Militants were killed in strikes in Hamra.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.