Another Bombing in Baghdad; 80 Killed in Iraq

Baghdad was hit by another car bomb today, but the number of casualties in the city was low compared to yesterday. Across Iraq, though, at least 80 people were killed. However, reports of militant deaths are becoming fuzzier with each passing day. Dozens more were reported killed in airstrikes, but even vague estimates are no longer being offered in many for many of the attacks. Another 58 were wounded.

Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani revealed that Iran is the first country to provide the Kurds with weapons. Although Iran has had contentious relations with its own Kurdish population, the threat of the Islamic State appears to have superseded any concerns Iran may have about the Iraqi Kurds.

Meanwhile, Denmark now says it will not only send humanitarian aid but also advisors and weapons to northern Iraq. At least six other countries will also arm the Kurds.

Thousands of Yazidi may be crossing into Turkey every day. Because the conditions at refugee camps in Iraq are harsh, many are paying high premiums to smugglers, even though the road to Turkey is dangerous. One elderly refugee died from dehydration and exhaustion while trying to reach Turkey, and 20 others were hospitalized. Among the refugees are those who say they have completely given up on Iraq and will not return. Not only were they at the mercy of the Islamic State, but they also saw some of their Arab neighbors turn against them.

In Baghdad, a car bomb killed 12 people and wounded 28 more in Baghdad al-Jadida. An unidentified body was found.

Militants executed a dozen security personnel in Abbasi. A number of militants were killed during an airstrike.

In Mosul, the Islamic State court executed five men. Airstrikes killed a number of militants.

Militants in Hawija kidnapped then executed three tribal councilmen who were policemen up until the Islamic State takeover.

Militants raided Anjana where they killed three civilians who would not hand over money. At least 50 families fled.

Two dumped bodies were found in Suleiman Bek.

In Kubaisa, an unidentified warplane bombed a school where refugees from Falluja had fled. The number of casualties is unclear.

Militants kidnapped the drivers of 13 trucks near Rutba.

Thirteen militants were killed and 10 more were wounded during airstrikes in Shirqat.

In Albu Jwari, airstrikes killed 13 militants.

Seven militants were killed in Latifiya.

Fierce fighting took place in Garma. Seven militants were killed.

In Hamrin, Peshmerga fighters killed three militants.

Tribal fighters killed a militant sniper near Dhuluiya.

Airstrikes killed dozens of militants in Kirkuk.

Many militants were killed during airstrikes in Amerli.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.