Bombers, Gunmen Kill 47 Across Iraq

At least 47 were killed and 50 more were wounded in several shootings and bombings.

A truck bombing at a Samarra market killed 24 people and wounded 30 more.

Four people were killed and seven more were wounded when a bomb exploded at a Tuz Khormato market.

In Mosul, gunmen stormed a home where they killed a man, his wife, an their son. Security forces killed seven militants, one of them a Chechen man.

An I.E.D. placed at a military officer’s home in Abu Ghraib killed his brother and wounded three bystanders when it exploded.

In Falluja, gunmen killed a local mayor and a civilian in separate incidents.

A soldier was killed and three more were wounded during an I.E.D. blast in Kanous village.

Gunmen killed a civilian who was exiting a mosque in Mussayab.

A civilian was killed in Baiji when a bomb planted on his car exploded.

Two policemen were wounded in Ramadi when a bomb blew up.

In Qadisiya, three policemen were wounded in a blast. An I.E.D. wounded a policeman.

A bomb outside a Qayara home wounded a policeman.

Three militants were killed in a clash in Rutba.

Militants kidnapped a sheikh of the Ubaid tribe in Dour.

In Diwaniya, a kidnapped child was rescued.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.