Dozens of Militants Attack West Iraq Towns; 35 Killed

At least 35 people were killed and 48 more were wounded in new attacks. No major bombings took place, but dozens of militants attacked two towns in western Anbar province.

About 30 militants attacked the town of Ana, leaving at least 11 people dead, including six of the gunmen. The assault began with a car bombing, which left three policemen dead and five wounded, and then quickly turned into armed combat. At least one of the mayor’s brothers and four bodyguards were killed when the mayor’s home was attacked.

In nearby Rawa, a policeman was killed and seven more were wounded during a mortar barrage. A bridge between Rawa and Haditha was blown up.

In Baghdad, a market bombing in the Ghazaliya district left two dead and nine wounded.

Four al-Qaeda leaders were killed during security operations in the Hamrim Mountains. Two soldiers were killed and nine more were wounded during the ensuing battles.

Three people were injured during the botched takeoff or landing of a helicopter from a military base in Diyala province. The pilot and his assistant were injured and so was a soldier. The pilot may have been shot during the Hamrim operations.

One policeman was killed and another was wounded when gunmen attacked a Qaim checkpoint.

A bomb killed one person and wounded another in Jbela.

A soldier was killed during an attack in Hamiya.

In Baquba, gunmen killed a farmer.

An I.E.D. at the old market in Baiji left four wounded, including three civilians.

Gunmen wounded four employees of the Sunni Endowment as they were driving through Wajihiya.

Stun grenades in Mafraq wounded a child and another person.

Three bodyguards were wounded when a bomb targeting a senior army officer exploded on a bridge in Ramadi.

Three people were killed in Ninewa province.

Author: Margaret Griffis

Margaret Griffis is a journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for since 2006.